The law of success attraction…or just utter crap?

You know, I’m really not sure I believe in the ‘law of attraction’ view of success. You know the one where you can ‘draw’ money and success from the universe by the right kind of thinking?

It depends on my mood.

Sometimes I think it’s laughable crap.

Other times, like yesterday, I’m not so sure.

I almost packed up my laptop and cleaned out the shed yesterday because nothing on my ‘to do’ list was going right.

My email opens were WAY down on normal, and everything I tried to do was either blocked by something (probably the bloody universe) or caused another task to spring up in it’s place.

So I thought ‘bugger it’ – I’ll go and do something fun.

Which (sad lad here) for me was writing a few pages of something I’m currently working on. It felt positive and good to be doing it and my mood lifted quickly.

Within two hours I was over $1,100 in profit from a combination of email marketing and sales, a site that had been struggling with its page ranking jumped onto page 1 of Google and I also finished my ‘to do’ list without a hitch.

There just might be something in this positive law of attraction universe thingy after all

…or it might be total co-incidence


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3 responses to “The law of success attraction…or just utter crap?

  1. It must be coincidence Tony. You can’t achieve some things by just perceiving them – it takes actual work.

    And if everyone visualised 1million dollars in their bank account there isn’t enough money for everyone.


  2. …or it might be total bollocks!

    Just sayin’ 🙂

    Manifestation Shmanifestation, is what I say (except when I’ve had a few)!

  3. Tony Shepherd

    I’m leaning towards it being balls too guys…:)


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