How much is enough?

Here’s my story…

A major realisation in my life came about when I realised that deferring ‘life’ until some future date (success, retirement, a certain income level) was a BIG mistake.

So I defined my income level, working hours (I was reasonably established in IM at the time) as ‘success’ and started enjoying everything that brought instead of working towards some future goal or time.

Obviously I still needed to work (still do) even if it’s just a case of sending out a promo and working 20 minutes a day. At other times I might really get into the writing process of creating a product and work 12 hours a day doing so.

I take a LOT of free time to spend with my family, walking, taking photographs, sitting in the garden, having a pint with friends and everything else that makes life worth living.

The stuff that makes you breathe a little slower and smile for no reason…those calm moments when you realise that life truly is wonderful…

The main thing was defining THAT point of my life as the point when I had acheived my own personal success. I just moved the goalposts and redefined it.

I chose not to put off fully enjoying my life until all my circumstances were right, because they never will be.


It’s all about making the decision to enjoy life, and enjoy it NOW.

Because if you DON’T define your success as being right here right now, how long do you wait, and what circumstances will be the right ones?

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