I took a THREE YEAR BREAK from my blog. Now I’m back

It’s easy to let a blog slide…

I’ve seen some great blogs that I read regularly just get abandoned like Christmas Day puppy on New Year’s Day.

But I didn’t abandon my blog

I purposely came away from it for almost THREE YEARS to the day.

Because I wasn’t sure what direction it was taking.

Then I realised it doesn’t actually MATTER what direction it was taking.

I wrote about severed heads, freelancing and adopting orphan ducks in the last few posts and I’m quite happy about that.

So now I’m back

With absolutely NO direction.

No plan

Just some ideas.

Speak soon


P.S. Some of my past posts might reflect ideas and business positions that I don’t have any more.

That’s cool. Show me a man whose opinions don’t change over three years and I’ll show you an idiot 🙂

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