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This is an email that went out to our subscribers (my own and Sara Brown’s) a couple of days ago. I’m putting it on my blog for a limited time.  If you want access to subscriber offers like this, subscribe to my newsletter using the form on the right

You’ve probably noticed that at Laycock Publishing we’re keeping our blogs much more up to date at the moment – probably more than we ever have done before.

That’s because we’ve had a shock – a bit like someone throwing an
ice cold glass of water into your face – and the shock is this:

Blogs are UNBELIEVABLY profitable.

So to follow the WordPress Guru ebook we gave you some weeks back,
have a look at:


I’ve mentioned before that we (Sara especially) came to blogging –
serious blogging – much later than I should have and now I can’t
believe how well it works.

Not least because of the income it brings.

And we’d like to offer you a product that explains how we’re doing

The BEST news of all is – it’s free.

This subscriber freebie shows you how to put up and profit from
simple – REALLY simple – blogs even if you hate writing and you
don’t know the first thing about blogs

I won’t take up your time – you’ll see the value in this

We expect this to get a lot of traffic so here’s a second link in
case the first gets clogged up.


Best Wishes

Sara Brown
Tony Shepherd

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