The ONLY thing you need to create a successful online business

What you need to run an online business


You only need ONE thing to create a successful online business these days.

One thing.

An idea.

Because when you have that you’re all set to rock and roll…

There are SO MANY different products and services available now that once you have your idea all you need to do is work out how you want to deliver it and then find a service that does it.

Here’s a point in case…

I HATE membership sites

The software I mean.

The sites themselves are little online goldmines if you get it right

But the delivery?

Plugins, scripts and software – I’ve tried many of these and up until very recently nothing was easy, intuitive or even plain old NICE to use.

I almost abandoned a drip-fed membership site that made me six figures over the years because I couldn’t get the technology to work or find a freelancer who could do what I wanted (which wasn’t very much)

Now I can sign up with a service like Clickfunnels, which among MANY other features has a drag and drop, drip feed membership facility that even I can work for only $97 a month.

But that’s just the tiny tip of the iceberg. There are services out there that I can subscribe to that solve the EU VAT issue, that are payment processors, tracking services, social media integrations, services that send direct mail to my list automatically, test what real visitors think to my sites, split test products, sell Kindle or physical books, issue brandable PDFs to my affiliates and a THOUSAND more things.

Basically if I have an idea and the motivation I can do pretty much anything I want to online in terms of business.

Times have changed.

When I first started online it was very much about basing your business around the few services (autoresponders, payment processors) that existed and having to adapt your model to them.

Now it’s very much about sketching out your IDEAL business model then going to find the services that provide this.

Because they’re out there.

Create the idea first. Get a picture of your ideal business in your head.

Then simply sign up to the services that allow you to provide it.

If you can come up with an idea, what’s stopping you?


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‘Working’ breaks whenever we want them – thanks to one little thing I started years ago

Laptop lifestyle internet marketing

Spot the grizzled old sea dog eh?

We’re currently on a working break in Scotland

Staying at a rugged, gorgeous, stark and dramatic headland right next to a working lighthouse (in fact we’re in the old light keepers cottage)

You can see it in the pic behind me.

We’re miles from anywhere and often we’re the only people up here too.

Here’s the view using the very fancy panoramic setting on my iPhone

tony shepherd working from a  lighthouse

The internet connection is practically non existant so I’ve only managed the barest of communication by using my daughters iPhone, because she has the tiniest bit of a signal whereas I (with all my fancy technology) have absolutely bugger all

In fact I can only post this at all when we’re out and about

We’ve been for meetings at local galleries (connected with offline stuff we do) and in Edinburgh meeting with a coder, and all in all it’s been very productive.

My virtual assistant has been running the business while we’re away and I scheduled some broadcasts to go out to my list ‘just in case’ there wasn’t a connection where we are (glad I did too)

So in short, I made more than enough to cover our break, expenses, spending money, staff payment and then some through just 3 emails.

Not me being a marketing genius of course – it’s just that I had the foresight to start building a list several years back, and now it’s (literally) paying off

But working as we take breaks or travel has become second nature to me now, and it’s one of the major reasons I do what I do.

I won’t apologise for repeating myself now because it’s the most important advice I can possibly give you EVER, if you want to do the same thing.

Start building a list – because that’s the basis for any solid and profitable internet marketing business.

It’ll change your life

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Spend time on what makes you money!



Here’s something I recommend to my VIP clients to increase their profits month on month:

Spend your time on what makes you money

You’ve probably heard me say this before many times but there’s only one thing that counts in business, and especially when you’re in the process of replacing your salary…

…and that’s the sale.

If you find yourself getting distracted by technology you don’t really need, building pretty sites, tinkering with new software, learning unnecessary skills or anything that takes your eye off the ball then you’ve lost focus

It’s all about the bottom line.

Your customers don’t need to know that of course, and your job is to help them and offer good content, but don’t ever lose sight of the fact that you’re a marketer primarily because it pays well and gives you a lifestyle that most can only dream of

If you’re surprised to hear me say that, then that’s good – the best marketers are those who don’t make it obvious they’re selling to you :)

That doesn’t mean you can’t help people of course – that’s a big part of why I do what I do.

In fact the more you help people, the more success you’ll have…

…but remember, ALWAYS keep your eye on the bottom line!

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Monetizing your gadgets…

I had a beer with a neighbour yesterday…

My kids were over there to visit his son on his birthday and we chatted while having a beer on the decking overlooking his garden.

One of the presents his son had got for his birthday was a cracking remote control all terrain vehicle. It was zapping round the garden, over ramps, through the bushes – the lot. AND that was only on ‘training’ mode

Apparently it gets up to 35kph when it’s on ‘pro’ mode.

My kids had a go on it too and I could only drag them to go home when the battery finally needed charging, which took a while.

Last time I was round there he’d just got a quadcopter thingy which was also extremely cool, and obviously a very good model.

I have no idea about ‘boys toys’ like these but I know one thing, If I ever decide to buy something like this either for myself or my kids…

…my neighbour will the person I talk to first.

When I got home I was idly thinking about how he could monetise his gadgets and while it’s a competitive market, I know it’s certainly doable because a mate of mine does the same with weight training equipment.

It’s competitive but the secret seems to be to focus on ONE exact make and model per blog…

Here’s roughly how he does it:

Video of the gadget in various modes of operation.

SEO the exact make and model of the item on either a blog or a Youtube account. Usually a YouTube video linked to a mini-blog

Written explanation.

Link via your Amazon affiliate account to the related product

Relatively basic SEO on your site (we’re not talking PBN linking or anything like that)

I’ll have a word with him next time I see him – he’s a bright bloke and what man would NOT want to make money from playing with fast toys eh? :)

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Beware of people who have REAL power

Never piss off your chef, dentist or hairdresser…

…it’s just ASKING for trouble.

A mate of mine was always embarrassing in restaurants.

We don’t eat out with them any more.

I’ve seen him insist on ‘viewing the kitchen’

I’ve seen him be rude to waiting staff – obnoxious actually.

And all I can think is – as you sit here feeling smug and superior the chef is currently wiping your fillet steak around his ballsack.

It’s really not worth it to try to show off.



I rest my case.





There are some people you think have power, but they don’t.

If you upset a politician or member of the royal family here in the UK there’s actually not much they can do without looking like bullies and getting bad press.

But if you upset your hairdresser…well be prepared to spend 3 months wearing a hat

Beware of people with REAL power – they’re not who you might think…

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The internet marketing methods you’re using are out of date

The world has changed…

…since whatever internet marketing technique you are using was invented/became popular/was widely accepted…

…and today.

You’re using OLD marketing strategies.

Because by the time they’ve been refined, tested, put into practise and then TAUGHT by whatever guru you learned them from…

…they’re out of date.

Doesn’t mean they don’t work though.

It just means that someone out there is at this VERY MOMENT, inventing / adapting the next big marketing technique.

They’re not using old strategies, they’re inventing and testing their own.

Couldn’t we be doing that?

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Got a new (OLD) car this week

If you read this blog you may know I’m not a petrol head.

We have one posh car for travelling around the country, Europe etc and a ‘work-horse’ one which is usually a 4WD to chuck stuff in the back of and potter round the village.

On Monday the workhorse dropped dead. Phoned a bloke with a flatbed trailer who paid me £100 and took it away so the same afternoon I went out and bought an old but good condition 4WD. I don’t buy new cars in this role because I know how I treat ‘em :)

All seemed fine until last night took kids to cubs/guides and this horrendous clatter started coming from under the car. It went when I pressed the clutch and came back when driving normally.

Looked under the car, nothing hanging down and exhaust seemed fine.

Started her up to the same noise an hour ago. Prodded and poked around a bit under the bonnet and underneath the car. Noise went. Short test drive and noise is STILL gone.

My best guess is a stone trapped in the exhaust/brake discs…

EDIT: Found this after investigating…

tony shepherd


MAY have solved the problem. Found this loose-hanging bracket thing just hanging around the exhaust pipe towards the front of the car. Wiggling it seemed to recreate the horrible sound

And this is it after I’d removed it. I’ll test drive in a bit, but started the engine and the noise was gone. Thing is WHAT is it, and WHERE is it meant to be?

Tony Shepherd

EDIT 2: I posted this in my Private Group (VERY off topic section) and a some incredibly helpful members with much more mechanical knowledge than me told me it was probably an old exhaust clamp and could be safely removed, which is lucky because I’d already done that.

I’ll be honest I could go and buy a new one but it’s nowhere near as much fun and watching the depreciation when it’s got a boot full of garden waste would be grim too :)

Had a great morning doing the above LOL

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Masters of the upsell…


cheap insurance policies safe


I needed some car insurance the other day for an old 4×4 car I just bought

If you thought Vistaprint were masters of the upsell think again

They have NOTHING on insurance companies.

Years back they simply used to tell you whether things like legal cover, courtesy car, windscreen replacement, lost keys and a hundred other things were included in the cover.

Not any more

The policy I bought seemed really cheap. 


That’s because each of these upsells was presented to me individually in a process than lasted 15 minutes.

Each one was accompanied by a cartoon of what horrors could happen if I didn’t buy.

Some bloke staring down a drain having dropped his keys into the sewer. Another hapless chap standing in front of a judge handing over sackfuls of money because he didn’t buy legal insurance.

Luckily the cover I need is for an old ‘workhorse’ car that I’ve bought for chucking garden waste in the back and pottering round the village so I don’t want any extras.

But it was fascinating to watch :)

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