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I must admit to being pretty astounded by how well Blog Marketing works in the Internet Marketing niche. I’m more than aware that in my other niches – ranging from website building, dogs, on through heath, jewellery to even more diverse niches,  that blogs are possibly THE single best tool for both directing traffic to my sales websites and for making direct sales from my blog.

 I though in this niche – Internet Marketing – that people would be much more cynical than that – after all as marketers we know exactly what blogs are, and more importantly how to use them to drive traffic and make sales. So I thought nobody would be interested in reading my blog.

I was really wrong.

The amount of traffic I’ve generated from a few links and a few forum posts is amazing. I’m getting more hits than I ever thougt possible, including comments and emails. I’ve also been indexed by Google.

You can find out how I did all this (and more that goes on behind the scenes) by reading ‘Blog Your Wage’ at

 Even better – the book is free!

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