Finding your old toys! (….and Hi Girls!)

Remember when you were a kid?

Some of the most fun I’d have¬†with my toys was when I’d rediscover, in my old toybox or at the back of the cupboard, an OLD toy that I hadn’t played with for ages.

It was like rediscovering a whole new part of my childhood. I’d play with it for days on end, taking it to bed with me at night, and I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning to start playing with it all over again.

(It was actually much the same when I discovered beer and women)


No – the point I’m making is that this still happens to me in my Internet Marketing business.¬† Like most of I have folders scattered all over my C: drive containing STACKS of old ebooks, software, methods, techniques and other such internetmarkety stuff that I’d forgotten about.

Now I’ve made it a rule to go and nosey through these folders every couple of months because I’m coming up with some serious GEMS. And it’s a bit better than when I was a child, because by playing with my old IM toys I’m not only having fun, but I’m making money into the bargain.

I recently found an old ebook I’d written for a squeeze page in one of the niches I don’t much bother with any more. I’d offered it as a free download in return for email addresses on a page that hadn’t really generated many opt-ins.

But I read through the book again I realised it was pretty good.

Well written, witty in parts and containing really good info.

So I ripped it up and used it as the content for a new minisite. I rejigged the info a bit and put together quite an informative site on this particular niche using nothing but the old ebook (luckily I could still find the old Word doc source file)

Instead of making the minisite remotely ‘squeez-ish’ I just added a SINLGE affiliate link for a Clickbank product that I found in CB marketplace, in my niche area.

A week’s heavy¬†posting in the forums and diverting a bit of traffic that still trickled into my original squeeze page and BOOM – I started making a few sales.

Nothing major but a little over $400 in around 10 days.

Obviously being a big believer in small income streams combining to make big income, this is well worth me spending a little time on. I’m writing a new free report and I’m going to redo my squeeze page, and best of all I’m going to use this minisite method in my other niches too. It might not work for all of them but I’m having a lot of fun building them.

I’ve rediscovered a new toy again, and it’s great.

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