Why self employed people have more money – and it’s not why you think….

Ever noticed how people who work for themselves have bigger houses and more money?

Me too – cos I’m one of them.

But I’d never really noticed it before in terms of how obvious it was. Let me explain.

I was driving to the office a few days ago, and the route takes me down a wide, tree lined avenue with big houses either side. At least one has a helicopter pad in the garden at the back, so they range from nice, slightly bigger than average houses to whopping great mansions.

Now I don’t know who lives in most of these homes but I’ll bet you my half eaten sandwich that most if not ALL of the people who live on the avenue are self employed.

You meet someone at a party and (you get drunk and chat up their wife, but BEFORE the embarassing fight ensues in the garden) you indulge in polite chat which usually involves aking them what they do for a living. If they say they’re self employed, or own a business, or run a company or whatever you immediately get a picture of them in a nice house, couple of cars, bit more money than the norm etc.

I do. People would think the same of me if I didn’t look like I’d just been dug up.

BUT have you ever thought WHY people who work for themselves earn more money?

It seems obvious but it’s not. You think people who work for themselves earn more money because well, people who are their own bosses just…….earn more money!

Think about it – even self employed people who are what I call a ‘one man band’ such as a plumber or electrician all seem to earn more money than people who are average employees.

And it’s because of this – self employed people don’t earn huge sums of money – the earn what is normal for our society and the cost of living.

It’s the poor sods who work for other people whose earnings are kept at an artifically low level by their employers.

No wonder most people who work 9-5’s these days are fighting a losing battle against poverty, because the amount of money they’re paid is never EVER enough to cope with inflation, rising prices and the cost of having a home, family and decent standard of living.

And here’s the really bad news guys.

While you work for other people you will never ever get to the point that you always think is round the corner – you know what I mean?

‘Once I’ve paid my loan off I’ll get back on my feet’

‘Once my pay rise comes next year we’ll stop feeling the pinch’

I’m really really sorry – but as someone who’s been in both camps I’m telling you now that you will NEVER get back on your feet while working for someone else.

Maybe when you retire – pay off the mortgage things will get a little easier – maybe they won’t – but that’s at age 65 (could be 75 in a few years time if the politicians get their way) and that’s a major chunk of the best years of your life taken up in a bloody great struggle against poverty, worry and stress.

If you work for an employer make sure than you have some of your own income too – an online business is my obvious suggestion – because you will need a buffer zone against the result of his pained expression as he explains how your wage packet has gone up by 1.5% but the cost of living has gone up by 3.5% – ‘we’re having to tighten the belt’ he’ll say as he pulls away in his 7 series BMW.

I’m no socialist – I like money and free time. I don’t like work (which I consider to be anything that I don’t like doing) but I’ve also had the sleepless nights and been snappy with my family through financial worry. It’s not fun.

So (same old same old but GOD it’s important) pleeeeeease try to get your business off the ground. Your family, your health and your bank balance would all be grateful. None more so than you though – being your own person in a world of unfortunate robots is a heady feeling.

Going to finish my sandwich now……

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