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Whenever we get more than a certain ‘magic’ number of emails asking how to do a particular thing we know it’s time to put a ‘how to’ togther to guide you through it step by step.

If you don’t know how article marketing / bum marketing / article submission / submitting reviews as an affiliate etc works then grab this excellent freebie at

Compliments of the house 🙂

 If you have any comments or questions just post them on the blog.

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4 responses to “Completely Free – 24 Hour Article Guru

  1. thomas

    This is a GREAT little instruction book. Seriously – I learned more from thid free book than books I paid $27 for!

    On top of that, Tony uses the Licensed To Quit system all the way through so you get to experience the system as you keep on clicking.

    And the icing on the cake is that you are given the opportunity to duplicate the system using the very same book that you are reading and learning from.

    Thanks agin Tony and Sara!


  2. Hi Tony Just Visiting and thought this might be a great tool to work with, so have bought a copy with rebranding.
    Thanks Tony & Sarah, for your opportunities, you are a great team
    to work with.

    Regards Theo :o)

    Now off to read my new ebook and see what we can do with my new found knowledge.

  3. Joe Z

    Ditto that, Thomas.

    I’ve bought many so-called books that were poorly organized, light on detail, and contained less, useful info. And they were shorter to boot! Not that size matters. 😉

    This is the stuff most gurus promise, but no one delivers like Tony!

    Having said that, I’m not a big fan of writing reviews. It seems like the IM world has gone review happy and every search pulls up pages of affiliate “reviews.”

    Having said that (Yes I’m repeating myself.), these techniques will work for many kinds of article writing, even review writing on the less beaten tracks.

  4. Garry Woods

    Hi there. A big thank you for all your hard work as so as I along with maybe hundreds of others who are really enjoying, these Kickstart Lessons, on how to build an online Bussiness.

    I’m slow at putting it all together. But, like the Tortoise, thats me, not like the hare he got tired and had to have a sleep, and the tortoise beat him.
    So what i’m trying to say here is if I take it slow and keep going I will make it to the finishing line.
    And get my bussiness up and runing when all the lessons are finished.
    So thank you.
    Garry Woods.

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