You lot don’t mess about!

Anyway – a  couple of days ago we released a VERY limited 30 licenses to the PLR of ’24 hour article guru’

Now this little gem takes the reader through the whole process of exactly how to write and submit articles to article distribution sites. It’s the ultimate bum marketing guide – a complete step by step guide to article marketing.

 We’ve even had emails from seasoned marketers saying they picked up a tip or two from this 40 page ebook, even though they’ve been article marketing for years.

Better than that though is the huge potential for reselling this ebook (with your own name on and links in of course) to newbies to internet marketing. Read the posts in just about any IM forum and one of the most frequent questions asked by any newcomer (apart from ‘How do I make $20k by next wednesday?’) is about how to ‘do’ bum or article marketing.

 Anyway I really don’t need to say any more about this PLR package because 27 out of the 30 licenses have been sold – four to big ‘gurus’ who snap up every bit of PLR we produce at Laycock Publishing. I’d love to tell you who they are but my name would be trashed if I even thought about it.

There are 3 left, at the really daft price of $29. Limited licenses like this often go for ten times as much. We’re really going to have to put our prices up soon .

Here the link if you’d like one of the three that are left:

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