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I remember being about 17 years old, standing in front of the bathroom mirror with an ice cube pressed to my earlobe and a cork and long sharp needle in my hand.

I’d been out with some mates for a few beers and thought it would be a good idea to pierce my own ear.

I can still remember the pain involved in trying to numb my earlobe (depsite pints of guiness that possibly ran into double figures) with an ice cube that kept skidding across the floor, and the resulting cold sweat that overcame me on hearing the little ‘crack’ that echoed round the bathroom as the needle finally made a hole through my poor, red painful ear.

After three weeks of infection, pain and humiliation I managed to keep an earring in the ear AND sleep on it at night without waking up with the pain.

Six months later I had another ring put in the same ear. This time I went to a professional and the whole thing was done without pain or fuss in under two minutes.

Last week I wrestled to configure a new piece of software. I knew how it was supposed to work in principle and I’ve installed scripts before with varying degrees of success. This particular installation was an utter b*stard though. Nothing went right.

After two days I had flashes back to my cork, needle and ice days and thought ‘this is NOT worth the pain’ so I emailed a techy who I work with from time to time and the whole installation was up ands working in a matter of hours. Cost me $100.

How much did pratting trying to install the script myself cost?

Thousands probably. I could have been writing or planning a new project, putting a niche site together or whatever. Instead I decided to do the least profitable thing I possibly could.

Sometimes you really just have to know when it’s not worth doing ot yourself, when you can pay someone else to do it while you do what’s important.

There is a point to this.

If you’re finding your marketing business is struggling because you have very little time to spend on the important things because you spend too much time trying to put your own products together then I think we have the solution for you.

 I’m not saying too much because you probably got an email telling you about the launch on Sunday 13th July at 12noon EST, 5pm UK time.

If you’re serious about your IM business, sit in front of your computer checking your inbox at the time above, because we have an opportunity that could change 100 businesses.

100 no more I’m afraid – it’s strictly limited. And it’ll sell out quicker than you can say ‘Oh crap my ear’s gone green’

Watch for that email and we’ll see you Sunday

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