The KickStart Course – Update

Early feedback from The KickStart Course is pretty good. Actually it’s better than pretty good – subscriber Vanessa Deux said ‘This is what I’ve been looking for since I started trying to make an online business work!’

Alex Jeffreys wrote us a rare testimonial too after we met up in London and I gave him early bird access to the lessons.

More than half of the 500 available places have already been snapped up – and that’s from just launching to subscribers! Tomorrow The KickStart Course will go ‘live’ on the internet in general, and we fully expect it to sell out in a few days -perhaps even hours as our last subscription site did.

If you’re struggling with success online you need guidance – you need information that leaves nothing out – even if you think you already know what you’re doing, you still might be missing those tiny details that mean the difference between success and constant money worries.

For example – we thought we knew how autoresponder systems worked until someone pointed out that we were leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not knowing this one, TINY piece of info.

We put it right very quickly I can tell you – and it goes to show that you never stop learning.

If you want to know how to set up a six-figure online business from a course that explains the most basic of steps right up to the most advanced marketing tricks, subscribe to The KickStart Course before it goes live tomorrow.

Be quick!

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One response to “The KickStart Course – Update

  1. Hi Tony,

    I think that Vanessa is right. I am very pleased that I subscribed to ths course. At first I was a bit dubious about it lasting for a year. I thought that it might be a ploy to get more money. However, 2 weeks in I can see that the content would have been compromised if it had been crammed into 12 weeks.

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