Offline businesses NEED to learn from us – a rant about grub


I went (ie was dragged) shopping today with my wife.

We went to Harrogate, which is a smallish but interesting¬† town in North Yorkshire. It’s also quite affluent and it’s fun to stop for some lunch in one of the posher bars and watch as offline businessmen try to outdo each other with cars and money.

Poor sods all have grey hair at 35 trying to keep ahead of the rest of the rats in the race.

Someone should tell them there’s an easier way.

Anyhow, so we stopped of for a bite to eat and a glass of the red stuff, and the waiter came over to our table, and that’s when he shot himself in the foot (sales-wise)

He took our drinks order then gave us the ‘lunch special’ menu which was a deal for two for around ¬£20 (about $30).

Now when we go to this place we usually chill out and order something from the standard menu and maybe share a bottle of wine and our bill comes to at least twice that.

So why hit us with the ‘downsell’ immediately?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to bring the wine THEN ask if we’re eating?

If we weren’t he could try to persuade us to stay for lunch by offering the lower price menu deal.

I watched and I reckoned at least 50% of all the diners there were taking up the special deal.

Whoever had devised this plan was literally cutting his profits by HALF by offering the deal too soon.

I told my wife I was going to approach the owner and tell him that for a measly £1,000 I would explain to him how he could pretty much double his profits at lunchtimes.

She suggested I forget about work and have some more squid.

Which I did, but time after time I see examples in the ‘real world’ that prove to me that as internet marketers we are SO FAR ahead of offline business that it’s shocking.

People who call themselves ‘marketing professionals’ but have no idea what an upsell or downsell is, and offers presented at the wrong time to the wrong people, or worse of all not presented at all…..

Anyway – if you’re an internet marketer, which you probably are reading this. Gve yourself a huge pat on the back for being one of the truly smart people in business.

Although the thought did just occur to me that maybe they offered me the meal deal immediately is because I lool like I can’t afford anything else!

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