New Netbook has made made me a net guru!


Well of course it hasn’t but I AM writing this in bed using my dinky little Samsung NC10 netbook.

I got it because unlike most airports, my local one Leeds/Bradford won’t allow passengers to fly with an overnight bad AND a laptop case so I needed a netbook to fit into my hand luggage when I go down to Bob Puddy’s Bristol seminar in a couple of weeks.

It’s also handy because we take a lot of holidays and short breaks and with a battery life of (they say) eight hours it’ll work from a boat without shore power too.

The picture of it next to the DVD shows the size.

I’ve imported my Roboform settings too so can access online banking, Paypal, Clickbank, Aweber, blogs, FTP, Stats and everything else I need to work.

It’s the first time that I’ve realised how powerful the concept of ‘cloud computing’ is because most of the information I need to access on a day to day basis are held on other people’s servers rather than my own computer.

Combine this with some first rate open source and free software such as Filezilla, Kompozer and Open Office and I really can work from any computer anywhere in the world.

Looks like the future predictions are coming true.

All I need now is a powerful utility to stop me looking as though I’ve just been dug up when I work at 6.30am

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6 responses to “New Netbook has made made me a net guru!

  1. Tony, I use one of them when travelling. Quite handy for checking emails etc, particularly on wifi. Last year I used it from the side of a hotel swimming pool in Panama to send you an email.

  2. Hello Tony!

    All I have is My trusty MacBook pro. It RIPS! I do carry a spare battery.

    How have you and Sara been?

    When it comes to Internet Marketing I ain’t much but, I’ll tell you, I have learned, I learned from the best – and that includes You and Sara!

    I have to tell you…all I’ve got is my blog. I followed your lead on that. It has enough traffic that I sell products by accident!

    I’m branching out now – This is my year!

    It feels good.

    Thank you so much,

    Riley West – An Internet Marketer In The Making.

  3. I ordered one of these little babies a few days ago and am picking it up later today. They sound like a boon for people who trvel.

    Glad to hear you are going to the Puddython in Bristol – see you there!


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hiya Martin

    The netbook is heavier than it looks though – having to juggle things to get it all (and the netbook) into my hand luggage.

    I’ll just have to leave my Elvis costume at home.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Puddyfest!

    Thanks for posting


  5. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Riley,

    Nice to hear from you again.

    I know you’ve been building your blog so I doubt it’s selling anything ‘by accident’ – probably the hard work you’ve put in!

    A Yank being modest about his business success?? Surely not – you’re practically English mate! Congratulations on getting things moving.


  6. Tony Shepherd

    Rich Peasant – I remember your email well!

    ..and I agree that these netbooks thingies are the way forward.

    Thanks for posting.


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