479 New Subscribers, Over $11,000 Added To My Income – Here’s How To Do It !

479 New Subscribers, Over $1,000 In Revenue, Over $11,000 Added To My Annual Income.

All in 13 days – using NONE of my own traffic or my lists.

Pretty  Cool – here’s how YOU can do it too….

Don’t forget – If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog and I’ll answer them!

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33 responses to “479 New Subscribers, Over $11,000 Added To My Income – Here’s How To Do It !

  1. Excellent video Tony, the content was even worth having to look at your ugly mug ;o) Wish you’d stop swinging on your chair.

    I’ve tried WSO’s before with some succees, but after watching your video I think I’ll go and get started on another one, will let you know how I go on

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Cheers Darren,

    I wasn’t on a chair, I was practising my unicycle technique 🙂

    You really should try the WSO technique. Take a little care and put together a good offer and you’ll beat 90% of the competition.

    Thanks for posting


  3. Ian


    Thanks for that, you’ve mentioned WSO in the kickstart course and it’s great to see actual results.

    What software did you use to record the video btw? I like the two screens.

    How is Sara these days?


  4. Thomas

    G’DAy Tony,
    I was at a point of frustration and ready to simply go websurfing because success was eluding me. This is a neat way for beginning, for sure I will be trying it, got my notes here to follow. Thanks for that.

  5. Great info Tony!
    I am really just starting out building a list following your KS course (just got lesson 15 BTW)

    Question: How often could you offer a WSO? I mean separate ones. I see you did 5 bumps for this particular one. Monthly even?

    Also, did you find one day brought in more subs than others – which day(s) was better?

    Also, do you suppose your name recognition had anything to do with folks looking at your thread in the first place. Or was it the very attractive title?

    Don’t worry I am not getting analysis paralysis just collecting data 😉 because I finally have my post count up (per lesson 9??) so I can finally run my first WSO so I am ready to dive in! VERY timely lesson here. Thanks ahead of time for the answers.

  6. Nice video, Tony. I learned a thing or two about using a WSO to build business. Do some more.

    Thank you…Pat Graham

  7. Tony,

    Excellent vid. Great how you pieced it all together and revealing how the WSO has worked for you.

    Getting on with your Kickstart course and should see some results soon.


  8. Tony, hope this isn’t too daft a question, but where does the confirmation email slot in? Not the one that’s been changed to the oto, but the one that goes to their inbox asking them to confirm the subscription. Do you add “please check your inbox” at the top of the oto or something like that?


  9. Hi Tony,
    Great little Video and an excellent demo of your figures!
    I’d also like to know how you did that?
    It all fits in very nicely with the Kickstart review that I’ve just started as a post for my Major Reviews Blog. I’ve now got Lesson 36, though I still haven’t caught up so that I’m working on them as they come in!! I like the way you present great detail in a simple progressive fashion and the weekly format keeps the size down so that each lesson is manageable.
    I’ll have to investigate your $1 offer from the affiliate area, and I’ll no doubt be discussing your progress with Randy Smith at his Mastermind Group in Northallerton on Monday.
    Great material, I rely on “Laycock” for quality, and I’m pleased to see that it’s paying off for you.
    John O’York

  10. Anne

    Too tired to watch this now – save it for tomorrow but THANKS.

    I really like your little cartoon!

  11. Hi Tony,
    I loved your technique with the WSO. I’ve done something similar where I gave away free PLR articles I had written. This served three purposes.

    1. To show people the quality of my PLR articles.

    2. To let them know on the squeeze thank you page that if they liked the articles they could subscribe to me and Pat’s PLR membership site where they could get more of the same every month.

    3. To get people on my PLR notification list.

    I got some nice testimonials, some new subscribers (but not as many as you!) to the membership site, and lots of people onto my PLR notification list. I definitely saw more sales the next time I notified the list of my new PLR bundles for sale.

    I liked how you offered your 4 lessons for $1. Thanks for the insights.


  12. Phillip

    Hello Tony,

    I can vouch that this works because I am one of the 479. I am glad I found you too. I became unemployed 6 months ago and have been struggling to start an online business. Hopefully the info you provide will help me not to have to get another job.



  13. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for posting – I’ll try to answer all your questions.

    Ian – the video was recorded using Camtasia 6. I used the PIP (picture in picture) function in it to simultaneously record (via my laptop webcam) myself as I spoke then included the footage of me over the top of the powerpoint presenatation.

    Actually it wasn’t POwerpoint it was the free OPen Office version called ‘Impress’

  14. Tony Shepherd

    Thomas – Yeah I like it when info falls into my lap just at the right time too 🙂

  15. Tony Shepherd

    Cheryl – Good question. On my WSO the sign up rate fell a little every time I bumped it. I tried different times of day and night to bump but you can’t pinpoint a definite time because they’re approved manually so it depends when a mod gets around to approving it as to when it goes live.

    I personally think that you need to change the ad title after every 2 bumps – and I forgot to mention this in the video, sorry – because when I didi this I noticed the number of view increased (although never got back up to the original level)

    Obviously the WSO should just make up part of your whole traffic driving / sales / opt-in generation but for $20?

    If you can cover the cost of placing your WSO then anything above that is worth doing in my view. It’s also great for exposure.

    I think that my rep helped a little, but if you check out the WSO forum you’ll see that many successful posts are from relatively new marketers.

  16. Tony Shepherd

    Pat – Thanks for posting. I have more ‘real life’ vids up my sleeve 🙂

    Scott – Thanks for posting. Anything you need to know just leave a comment.

  17. Tony Shepherd

    Lynn – Good question. At the top of the OTO it says ‘Your information is on the way…but first:’ then details the offer. THis might not have been on the screenshot in the vid because I was constantly testing and tracking. The actual ‘please confirm your subscription’ email is sent out automatically by Aweber (you’ll need an account with them) and you can alter the text in this too. If that hasn’t answered your Q just leave another post.

  18. Tony Shepherd

    Hiya John – Nice to hear from you again, and thanks for your kind comments – and say hello to Randy when you see him! The video was made in Camtasia – details in my comment above.

    You can check out the $1 trial partners program at http://www.laycockpublishing.com/partners

    Basically sign up with a Paydotcom account then add your ID to the URL on the page. When you give the URL to your list or contacts or post it on your blog, it takes them to the ‘quit your job in ninety days’ free report, then to the OTO for the kickstart course. You’re credited for any sale through the OTO and you’ll receive 50% of the payment each month they stay a member of the kickstart course. Don’t forget after the first month it increases to the full price of $27.

    So you could end up with recurring paymments each month just for telling people about my free 90 day report!

  19. Tony Shepherd

    Anne – Thanks – the cartoon I mean 🙂

  20. Tony Shepherd

    Peggy – Thanks for a great example of how the WSO method can be used. For $20 it gives you a great opportunity to test new approaches or freebies too. Don’t get me wrong I realise this is one of the ‘smaller’ techniques but for putting what is essentailly a classified ad directly in front of a laser targeted audience of marketers I don’t think you can go wrong!

  21. Tony Shepherd

    Phillip – Thanks for posting and welcome to the blog – anything you need to know just post.

    Any more questions welcome…..

  22. Hi Tony,

    Nice video mate,
    It fits in so well with the way you teach people to just get it done… and it certainly shows proof that taking action simply ‘works’!

    It’s also down to earth and hype free – another reason people should take note of what you say 🙂

    Warm Regards

  23. Thank you for reminding me of the warrior forums.. Believe it or not i had forgotten them in all the information overload i have. Now im starting to focus on good information sources and getting away from the blah blah sources. You are one of the ones im keeping of course :).


  24. Dom

    Hey Tony,

    About the upsell – how can you give a special offer on a clickbank product that you don’t own??


  25. Hello Tony – Many thanks for your video – it’s a fantastic idea which I will be trying soon – just creating some Video Tutorials for a new product which I will then promote on Warrior Forum.

    The main challenge I have been having starting out in my Internet Business is finding targeted traffic and building a list – I’m currently adding 1 or 2 a day which isn’t very exciting!

    The WSO idea will address both of my struggles!

    Thanks again – Dave

    P.S. You should charge for such valuable info!

  26. Tony Shepherd

    Cheers Randy – I agree there’s a lot to be said for plain speaking!

  27. Tony Shepherd

    Hi David

    If you’re adding one or two a day it means you’ve got something that people want to hear about.

    The secret, and the challenge is about getting your sites in front of more people.

    At the end of the day internet marketing is a numbers game – the more people you can show your sites to, the more sales, opt-ins and profits you’ll make.

    I’m working on some inexpensive but (hopefully) very effective targeted advertising campaigns.

    I’ll put together a vid when the results are in and post it on my blog.

    Thanks for posting!

  28. Tony Shepherd

    Hiya Dom – good point ‘how can you give an offer on the upsell when it’s a product you don’t own’?

    First off if you’re serious about yopur business you really need to produce your own products – it just widens your options.

    But if you are going to use affil products to offer you can always drop the product owner a line and ask for a ‘special’ discount because his product is going into your sales funnel.

    Most product owners have a ‘special’ price.

    This is either because they’ve offered it to their own list at a discount price, or they’re run a ‘prelaunch special’ or an ‘invitation only’ price for their lists or JV partners.

    Failing that it’s only 20 minutes of a job to put together a discount offer for anyone who asks – I do this as a product owner.

    For example I don’t think Randy will mind me saying that before I put togther the special KS course trial I built an offer page especially for him and his subscribers – because he asked if I would.

    Likewise I’m able to offer my subscribers special offers, guarantees or conditions such as I brought you for Alex Jeffrey’s new coaching program – because I asked.

    So think outside the box and get used to emailing and asking for ‘specials’ for your subscribers – they’ll appreciate it and it’s a great way to get to know other marketers.

    If you don’t fancy asking for a discount, you could always offer a bonus or two as an additional ‘pull’

    Thanks for posting Dom!

  29. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks for posting Mike.

    Information overload is in my opinion a very real problem.

    It’s like forcing yourself to go on a diet – you really do have to dump the ‘fast food’ and stick with the good stuff.

    I still pig out on the IM chocolate from time to time tho 🙂

    Congrats for having a go though – it’s not that easy.

  30. Hi Tony,

    That’s very nice info, thank you.

    I’ll implement that this week as I’m fortunate enough to have a few products under my belt, with two of them directly related and others that are close. And I know I’m well overdue for a WSO or two.

    I know you’re one of my customers (and I’m one of yours), but in future if there’s anything of mine you want, just let me know. Incidentally, I’ve just run a nickel sale which has netted a couple of grand (finishes at 7.00pm today), drop me a line if you want the script to try out yourself.

    Just to add a bit to your excellent info, many new marketers don’t realise that new subscribers are the best, and new buyers are the very best, even if it’s a small amount of money as they’ve made that little bit of self-reinforcing committment.

    That committment grows legs and they buy other stuff too as their trust grows. I’ve had people tell me they much prefer to buy products from me than through me. Even though I very rarely promote third party products. 😉

    Your method takes good advantage of that, so kudos to you.

    The other side of that coin is that email addresses last about 18 months on average, especially free ones from Yahoo etc.

    What happens is that people either throw in the online towel, or change email addresses due to spam problems with their old ones, and don’t re-subscribe. So while it’s important that you’re building a list of new subscribers, every so often you need to get your existing ones to subscribe to a new list for something else you offer.

    Finger in the air (from experience) as I can’t think of a way of testing this easily, I’d say every 3 months you want people to sign up to a new list. That way you’ve always got a fresh list that usually contains your best and most responsive customers.

    I hope that helps anyone reading this thread and adds to the learning in the video.

    All the best,

    Frank Haywood.

  31. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for posting – some excellent points there.

    Firtly, you’re right – I am a VERY satisfied customer of yours! After trying various ‘solutions’ for my support desk I finally settled on your Ticket Desk Pro script and it’s proved to be the best of the bunch by far – so thanks!

    About ‘hot’ customers – I agree. I saw a big increase in subscriptions to the KS course when I changed my autoresponder account to email three KS reminders in three days to new subscribers.

    I also agree with your thinking about asking existing subscribers to opt into a new list every three months too – the freebies I offer to my subscribers rarely require an opt-in….except every 5 or 6 months and that’s because I want to see who’s still around!

    Thanks again Frank – excellent contribution!

  32. Hi Tony,

    I think my last post is missing in action…

    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this strategy.



  33. Thanks Tony for the great video.

    I agree that method is great, also the low cost product method is good too.

    I like the way you upsell when buying your products too.

    Thanks again.


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