Internet Marketing – Sh*t or get off the pot!

It’s a freaky thing, internet marketing.

The successful ones are all completely different.


I’ve read SHEDLOADS of blog posts, articles, and
opinionsย  about how why certain marketers become
successful and others don’t.

Most people reckon successful internet marketers
share certain characteristics.

I think that’s crap.

I think internet marketing FAILURES share certain

Let’s look at IM gurus.

They have more DIFFERENCES that similarities.

They’re pretty unique thinkers, have different
styles and ways of communicating with their

Some have suits, some have shorts.

Some work hard, others find shortcuts.

Some are young, others not so young.

Some are great writers, others great speakers.

Some are techies others not so.

There are a LOT of differences.

The reason (in my humble opinion) that most
successful internet marketers end up that way is
because they’re unique, NOT because they share

‘All successful people set goals’ (no they don’t)

‘All succesful people are creative’ (nope)

‘All successful people live in the moment while
planning for the future’ (pleeeease)

‘All successful people are world class problem
solvers’ (I once watched a multi millionaire
struggle to find his way out of a lift)

This is just my opinion, and I’m fully prepared to
get shouted at because of it…

But I don’t think you can ‘bottle’ success.

Nor do I think you can ‘learn’ to be succesful.

You either are or you’re not.

I think these ‘success habits’ have been
artifically manufactured so that people can sell
you products about goal setting, or motivational
Here’s my take on why some people are succesful
and some people just aren’t.

1. Some people just aren’t up to it mentally.

If you’ve ever seen X factor or ‘Britain’s got
talent’ you’ll realise that a significant number
of people who want to become successful have very
real mental issues.

And likewise some people just don’t have the
required grasp of reality to become successful
internet marketers.

I’ve spoken to people at IM seminars who are just
bloody scary. Trying to enjoy a beer while some
space invader stares into your eyes from a
distance of three inches asking for a JV and
showing you iphone pictures of the ‘hamster hotel’
he built for his pets is not my idea of a good

On the other hand speaking to up and coming
marketers like Andy Michaels, David Chamberlain
and Sean Beardmore who I met in Bristol were great
to have a pint and a chat with, without any sort
of deep IM conversation at all.

Yeah I’m name dropping because these lads could
have easily been full on, asking me and the other
established marketers for JV’s and promos but they
didn’t. They just had a pint and a laugh and when
the conversation naturally turned to marketing,
eveyone there was happy to chat.


2. Rule breakers

I LOVE ’em. I can’t stand anyone who shoves their
opinion on me because as far as I’m concerned it’s
live and let live.

This is something that is lacking in those people
who fail online.

A paralysing fear of some vague authority is one
of the major reasons I think that nips success in
the bud.

It’s good to take note of what established
marketers do (as well as what they say) but don’t
suddenly forget you’ve got the ability to reason
just because someone’s been in IM a few years
longer than you.

This next bit is tough.

I think a sign of someone who’s going to struggle
to get much success online is when they ask a
question that starts with ‘Am I allowed to….?’

or ‘Can I do this….?’

I don’t know the answer. And anyone who says they
do is bullsh*tting.

I know what I’M allowed to do – but you?

How the Hell do I know what you’re allowed to do?

If you don’t understand what I’m saying here then
seriously consider taking a different direction in

You make your own rules in life. YOU – nobody

Marketers who are usually going to find success
ask questions that begin

‘How do I…..?’

See the difference?

They’re asking for advice NOT permission.

They’re finding a way.

I read a thread a bit ago on the Worrier Forum
(intentional typo)

There were over 30 replies to this particular

Of those 30, more than HALF were laying down

‘You should never….’

‘Always make sure you…’

‘NEVER start your …..’

It’d bug me even if the people posting their rules
were multi-millionaire marketers.

But they were pretty much unsuccesful marketers
who were wafting their opinions round like eggy farts.

Yet other new marketers – people who were
genuinley trying to learn were leaving ‘thankyou’

Successful marketers break, bend or find a way
around rules. Sometimes legally, sometimes not.

Before you judge ask yourself this

‘Is something wrong because it’s against the law?’

Now look – we probably shouldn’t break the law.
But successful marketers are open to the
consequences of doing so, and don’t react like a
frightened rabbit at the thought.

You ever park illegally for a few minutes? Or lie
about your income on a credit card application?

I think it’s important to be aware of of rules, but
then make your own mind up whether you’ll follow
them or not AND take the consequences.

If this frightens, upsets you or makes you
angry then you’re probably better off closing this
page now.

You’re not likely to become successful online
by being a sheep.

But by all means buy products,
join membership sites and find yourself an
expensive mentor.

Because doing this works.

BUT ONLY if you extract the bits that ‘fit’
you and understand that rest might not be for you.

I get refund requests from people who say
‘this product wasn’t for me’

They’ll be saying that as they retire in poverty.

(Sorry – I TOLD you this was going to rattle cages)

I’ve bought thousand dollar products that were
crap, except for one golden nugget of wisdom.

It’s that nugget I paid a grand for, and that
ultimately made me a lot of money.

And yes, in my early days online I’ve bought
thousand dollar products then had to pay my mortgage
payment with a credit card.

In Bristol I got into a great conversation with a
marketer who really made me sing for my
supper (or the beer he bought me)

He challenged me about why I did something in a
particular way. He really wanted to know why I
ran my business in a certain way while another
marketer he followed did things quite differently.

I explained fully why I do the things I do.

There was almost a bliding flash as he realised
that, as physics is now exploring, there are
MULTIPLE REALITIES when it comes to internet marketing.

By that I mean there is no wrong and right.

No ‘shining path’ or ‘road less travelled’

No answers, enlightenment or Nirvana.

There’s just YOU.

On your own.

Making decisions about your business.

No governing body.

No safety net.

I’ve said it before but nobody is going to
phone you and give you a bollocking for doing
something differently.

There is no ‘boss’ in IM.

You can read a thousand posts like this, a million
forum posts and a gazillion products and you’ll
be no nearer to ‘getting it’

Because there’s no ‘it’ to get.

There’s only YOU.

THere are two states of being for a professional
internet marketer like me:

1. Well I made a proper arse of that.
2. Wow, that worked well.

At the end of the day you have to put a smile
on your face and press the ‘send’ button.

Just get on with it.

And then see what happens.

It’s no answer. Because there isn’t one, except
for this…

At some point you’ve got to either sh*t or
get off the pot.

You’ll know when this happens, because two things

The talking stops and the action starts.

So the up and coming marketing dude that I met
in Bristol..

the one who’s quit his job and is working round
the clock to give his young family a fabulous

(you know who you are – your face lit up like
a Christmas tree when I asked how your young
‘un was doing)

he’s actually getting on with it. Kudos.

And that’s the nearest thing to a secret that
I can give you.

It’s true when gurus tell you not to try to re-invent
the wheel.

But for God’s sake roll the bloody thing in a different
direction to everyone else ๐Ÿ™‚

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57 responses to “Internet Marketing – Sh*t or get off the pot!

  1. Excellent, excellent post Tony.
    You get out of this life what you put into it. Course you can be dealt a bad hand now and again, some worse than others. It is how you handle it that matters.
    If you don’t try, you won’t get.
    Can’t wait to read your next post like this.

  2. Great post, not to helpful to the sheep out there in the IM world, but to those who have either moved past the sheep stage or were never in that group, this post validates their views. I love the end where you say:

    Itโ€™s true when gurus tell you not to try to re-invent the wheel. But for Godโ€™s sake roll the bloody thing in a different direction to everyone else ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Tony,

    This is so, so true. All of it.

    The problem for many people, is that they cannot face the reality of responsibility. Sure, they are responsible in terms of being parents, loving friends or family members, but when it comes to calling the shots and putting your neck on the line for the daily bread?

    Well, that’s just a bridge too far for most folks.

    Nothing scared me more than when I moved out of my parent’s house, on the back of an uncertain future in marketing.

    I knew that my reality from then on out, would revolve around making decisions, and not crying in my spilt milk when those decisions went sour.

    And trust me, you’ll make decisions which go sour more than ones which end up tasting sweet.

    It takes a real internal shift to be able to realize and accept that when you do wrong, nobody has got your back…and equally, when you do right, nobody is going to pat you on the back either.

    As you say – it’s just you, in the big world. And for many of us, that means working alone, riding the wave and trying to stay ahead of the impending tide that could drown us.

    And you know when you were made for this stuff, when you look at that reality with a sense of excitement and wonder…

    …and instead of saying “Can I” or “Should I” or “It didn’t work” or “What now?”…

    …you say, “Come on Bitch. Is that all you got?”

  4. Hey Tony,

    Wow, a mention in one of your blog posts? That’s certainly made my day!

    From my own point of view I loved speaking to you and Tony Newton and the rest of the lads in Bristol. It’s great to be able to chat IM with folks who understand it but its equally important to remember that we don’t want to talk business all the time.

    I drove for 8 hours each way just to shake the hands of the successful IM’ers as I do believe that it’s important to develop these relationships but I certainly didn’t want to hound them with constant questions.

    And on your main point that at the end of the day there is no-one who can tell me what to do and what not to do, that is definitely an eye-opener. When you have spent your whole life being told what you must do by a boss then its a whole new way of thinking.

    Kudos to you too Tony and I hope to meet you again in the future.

    (recently quit job, became father and bought Tony a drink but still doesn’t know if its me! lol)

  5. Lionel Lusty

    Great Notes Tony. In my experience the most succesfull can be the most unlikely! and ive been surprised many times

  6. Hi Tone,
    Awesome post mate, spot on!
    and I’m gonna be keeping my eyes on the lads from Bristol, Dean Holland was where they are now not so long ago, and look at how well he’s doing now… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Matt Garrett

  7. Why did your article tick me off ? Because finally I’ve come across someone who actually talks sense about the so-called “Guru’s” of IM and he turns out to English !! (Yes, I’m Scottish). I’ve read a millon and one articles, emails etc not so much for the wise content but for the one little piece of information that I might actually find useful.

    Enjoyed the article Tony. I don’t care if I tick people off either because any success or failure I have are mine and at least I tried it my way. Next time might be better…or not…..but there will be a next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Tony,

    This is most possibly one of the most bloody exceptional posts that I have EVER read in my short time doing IM.

    Nothing held back, raw, and truthful and straight to the point. You can tell you were rather emotional when you wrote this, and that’s a good thing when we’re looking at taking the BS and fluff out of a post like this,

    Kudos to you my friend,
    (and if you’re wondering, i typed this before looking at Andy’s comment – lol)


  9. Great inspirational post Tony, it seems you had to get that off your chest.

    The people that aimlessly follow rules, are a product of their upbringing, and todays younger generation have had much less indoctrination than the likes of you and I, there are exciting times ahead.

    To the rule obeyers, go out and do something that scares you today, this pattern can be broken.


  10. Well Tony, I must say I like your candor.

    Not many would talk like this, so I really appreciate this post here.

    I was one of your cancellations. Not because I won’t get anywhere, But because I really know the actual strategies you speak about in your course. aweber, ftp etc…

    So no knock on you, however to roll everybody into the same ball because they cancel is not necessarily true…

    My desire to find the truth is stronger than ever…

    I am a part of Alex Jeffreys 3.0 coaching right now, so I will heed your advice..

    I will try to find the Golden Nugget there, as lot’s of it is general concepts and ideas…

    So I am waiting for the ‘ah ha’ moment where everything comes together, like Alex explained he was walking his dog one day and it all came together. He could see the whole picture, and everything was clear…..

    As you said in your post, maybe this was ‘clear’ in his head, and the way he imagined it all working.

    So everybody is different, and the ‘clear’ will be different. Just keep moving forward to see the ‘clear’ and your moment will come too.

    Thanks Tony for a brilliant post today. This really makes things ‘clearer.’

    My Golf Blog

  11. Steven Fullman

    Thanks, Tony.

    Great stuff as always.

    Just another shout out to Andy Michaels…hello, mate! Remember our forum? With that Hockley fella (whatever happened to him, hey? lol)

    What are you upto these days. Drop me a line!

    Best wishes, and thanks again Tony,

  12. Hey Tony, ha ha, seriously funny, loved the comment about the jv request 3 inches from your face, actually made laugh out loud and most blog posts don’t do that. I have bought many an expensive crap product, but like you said, I did learn one or two things so it wasn’t a complete waste, this is the first time I have visited your blog and I will be coming back willingly, Sally ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Tony.

    Fear stopped me doing this for years.

    Even when I had a bit of success that people would actually kill for I still went back into my shell because I just wanted to “learn” that little bit more.

    What a plank.

    You look around and see all the other marketers and you think “I can’t do that”.

    And you’re right. You can’t do it that way. That’s their way.

    No one way to market. There’s no one personality. Use your own personality.

    I’m only finding this out right now after finally taking action and things aren’t goign too badly.

    Oh and thanks for the post you wrote about being a customer or a marketer, that kicked my butt and made me really start studying the emails coming into my inbox instead of complaing so mcuh.

    Learnt so much since then it’s unreal.

    Thanks Tony


  14. Hi Tony,
    I like your straight talking because I am fed up with the rubbish people write on the internet which distracts many people who are new to IM from even getting started. I was at the Bristol seminar too and I got talking to many very clever people who seemed to be very motivated, and were also straight talking too. It was refreshing to meet with people who are far more interested in ethical practices than they are in money, and I hope they will help to drive out the bad marketers who talk plain rubbish and sell it too.
    Sue Schlaiffer.

  15. Danny

    Sorry – I forgot to answer your original question.


    Active triers are driven. That is the common charateristic.
    The rest of us blow hot and cold.
    That’s no new revelation.


  16. G’day Tony
    Great thoughts here, excellent, Yes we can all be successful in our own right, if we put our mind, heart and soul to it. As we say “What goes around comes around” and will come and bite you on the bum! Yes! we have to sieve out the rubbish from the good on the internet.

  17. Ian

    Hi Tony,

    I have to say thank you for your post. Frank and honest which is a breathe of fresh air compared to some of the ‘rose tinted glasses’ posts I’ve read on other IM’er blogs.

    Thanks again


  18. Mate you are what we call down here..” A fair dinkum Pommie bastard ”
    Right between the eyes! I love it!
    I now have this blog top of my favourites list.

  19. Hey Tony awesome post – this hits on a lot of things I’m doing right (and a few I need to work on) and makes me aware of where others are struggling… You explained this better than anyone I know

  20. Hey up Tone,

    Top yorkshire banter my dear man……cracking!

    I have been online 5 months…..3 months listening
    to other people talk bol*****s and 2 months the way
    I like best… way!

    I dedcided to make money online as it seemed like
    an interesting idea and I reckon it took 3 months
    to cut through all the crap thats out there.

    Be yourself use ,common sense and be prepared
    to work( a bit) and it really isn’t that difficult.

    If your hearts in it, then follow your passion and
    you will see results and offer honest value and service
    and people will listen….whats hard about that?

    Tell folk how it is wi nowt taken out !

    Baaah…there’s summit about us yorkshire folk !

    Thanks for the post Tony it’s always a pleasure
    reading your scribblings….love it.

    Speak soon.

    Darren Todd(Scarborough)* YORKSHIRE*

  21. Learning is the first step to make a success in internet marketing, and aa…i need to learn a lot. Your opinion, is the best! why make it hard… K.I.S.S – keep it simple stupid, i should stick with it.

    thanks bro…


  22. Randal


    While I agree with most of what you said, which amounted to “you gotta have the want to” to make it, I disagree about the part of a reason for returns.

    I have purchased something and said those very words. Not because I did not get it or anything as banal as that. It was because I was being polite. I could easily have said “Your product is shit and it is simply a rehash of someone else’s pitch”, but I figure that it would change nothing.

    Now as to the self help part of this, there is a book titled Failing Forward by author John C. Maxwell that deals with failure.

    It is about turning mistakes into stepping stones. Too many people give up waaay too early in this thing or they are grazers. People who look at this as entertainment. I cover this in my free membership site in one of the videos. To paraphrase it “some people read book, some watch TV, some play video games. Some just buy IM products to read and dream of what could be”.

    In reality it is no different than buying a Newsweek or news paper to catch up on what is happening in the world. Maybe a bit more expensive, but with basic products anywhere from $7-97, it is really a bargain for them.

    Lastly, the Warrior Forum DOES have its panty waists who whine about everything and know-it-alls who know jack shit because they are regurgitating someone else’s material. They have likely not tested it for themselves. These are probably the grazers or entertainment junkies mentioned above.

    BUT the WF does have some solid info that has helped me cut through the BS and start writing solid copy. It took all of a 7 page, double spaced text document someone there offered up to get it right. This after I bought that $977 piece of trash John Carlton was pushing. All it did was confuse me because it was so vague.

    My take is that there are various levels of success and failure. My success is making my first dollar online. I failed at Ed Dale’s 30 day challenge, but later used SOME of his techniques combined with other material to make my first dollar online. I was so happy I could have cried. Retarded sounding, I know, but after so many failures it was sweet relief.

    Would you label that as a failure and me a loser? I could hardly care less, mate. I am my own f’ing reality, everyone else are either bystanders or catalysts to my success. When I reach the top or a place where I can give back, I will. Until then, it is every man for himself.

    What is my top? 500k a year. It is MY goal and yes I set them. In my opinion and in my reality, no goal means aimless floundering. Having flexibility to get around crap you see is also available, as it is to everyone. You just have to have your head in the right place to take advantage of it when it arrives.

    Long comment to say, you are not totally right. Just partly in my opinion.

  23. DarkOneToo

    Thanks Tony-

    I always appreciate it when someone actually tells the truth about business and marketing.

    You’re comments always hit the mark the best for me. I patterned my early IM efforts directly after Sarah’s and your guidelines.

    I’ve been successful in the IM field, doing it “my way”, just like you inferred is the norm. (Haven’t worked a straight job in 7 years) I know that I can do it better, smoother…, and will eventually.

    Thanks again for the great post.


  24. Hi Tony,
    I thought your post was spot on as always.

    I spent months buying the latest course and PLR product thinking that at some point when I felt I knew enough and had the ‘right’ products I would launch my internet marketing career.

    Then I came across your blog and started listening to your no-bull advice and realised that I could go on forever waiting for the “right” moment.

    I launched and lo and behold I found that I already knew 99% more than the people I was marketing to.

    You are absolutely correct when you say “Just do it – Take action – Do something”.

    I think we are all too scared of failure which prevents so many people from ever taking the action that will produce success. They never get as far as even testing if they could be a success.

    The biggest thing I’ve learned from you is to take action. It doesn’t matter if you are not successful immediately. Just tweak and test and keep following the basics. You will develop a formula that works for you and your style.

    Paul Bridon

  25. Hi Tony,
    Don’t beat around the bush Tony, Just tell it like it really is – lol.

    Loved this post Tony, You are so right, everyone is resonponsible for their own actions. It refreshing to read a post like this when there is so much Bullshit (Squ my french) about.

    I will look forward to reading your next thoughts.

    All the very best

  26. Tony,

    Loved, loved, loved this blog post! So many points hit home with me. I know I’ve spent way too much valuable time worrying about doing it “wrong” instead of just putting myself out there.

    You have inspired me to get moving and for that I thank you!


  27. Nice post, Tony. I agree totally with most of it, like the need to be your own person and not a toady for the opinions and practices of other marketers, successful or not.

    I am in the process of getting a specific membership site online. It lived in my heart for a few years and all I did was adore it with my mind and heart.

    I finally just gave up reading this and that from a steady stream of “gurus” and some not so experienced. Finally I said, “Enough!” and am doing it my way now, with help, and loving every minute of it. That attitude shift made all the difference.

    Pat Graham

  28. Tony,

    Great post. I can truly identify with that feeling of ‘am I allowed to do this?’ It still grabs me every now and then and I have to remind myself no one is going to come knocking on my door if I make a mistake or my marketing sucks!

    Cheers, Graham

  29. Alex

    BINGO!!! I needed this as much as all the people it is aimed at.

  30. Mel Bernstein


    Your rant and the comments made me think
    of something I heard a long time ago-

    If it is to be,
    It is up to me.

    Thanks for letting in some air.

  31. Thanks for that Tony

    Inspirational as usual.

    You got to love what you do and not do it for the money.


  32. Hi Tony

    What a blast to be next after Toddy. I had to wait a moment so I could stop laughing..

    The light’s been going on in my little world over the last couple of weeks about the fact, as you point out so clearly, that we are alone, succeed or fail, in pretty much everything. And ‘get on with it’ is pretty much the kick I’ve given myself.
    By the way, I loved the ‘it’ you talk about… The ‘it’ that isn’t. A bit like the elusive ANY key, which goes missing regularly.

    And (only) slightly more seriously, congrats for a good job of banging the drum about a theme many of us could do well to reflect on.


  33. Kenneth

    Way to go Tony. It’s about time people took responsibility for their asctions and future and not have millions of excuses for everything.

    It’s ok to be a bit nervous when you start but then there comes a time.


  34. Tony Shepherd, the new Simon Cowell of internet marketing!

  35. I’m an avid reader of your “tell it how it is” writings.

    You’ve given me a good talking to today just when I’m flagging. I agree with what you have said – it’s common sense really. However, every now and again we need it to be pointed out.

    What you say is true of life in general not just in the internet marketing world. Big trouble is that we are brought up to do as we are told and it is difficult to break out of this straight jacket to do our own thinking.

    Thanks again Tony.

    Regards, Jean

  36. Hi Tony

    Excellent blog post – am currently doing John’s masterclass program and was really looking forward to the Bristol event but had to cancel due to the bloody volcanic ash – contacted Pete and would really like to meet up again at an IM event in the near future – as really enjoyed Bristol 2009.


  37. richpeasant

    Someone said most people stop thinking for themselves the moment theyโ€™re born. I think the same is true of people the moment they enter Internet Marketing โ€“ T. Shepherd

    I keep a big list of Tony Shepherd and Sara Brown quotes. These alone, aside from their products, are worth a good sized income.

  38. Hey Tony,

    It was great meeting up with you and Tony Newton in Bristol, great weekend and one to remember ๐Ÿ™‚

    That aside, this post hits home, and that you can dare to be different and you can dare to be controversial……thats what makes us unique in our approach, but being honest is the key. There is too much damn hype and unnecessary false claims out there.

    IM is fun and should remain that way and love what you do, in life too!

    Sure we will meet up again soon and I’ll buy you a beer ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take care


  39. Dear Tony,

    You really outdid yourself this time! If you are truly yourself online people will become your genuine friends. After that, if you make money, fine. Some of us, me included, have given up on the lies of making big bucks online. I will soon have a blog up on my site, the above one/blogpost, and I will have a list of all the ads I get and some pithy comments. It will be fun!

    With all best regards, Mary Jane ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Absolutely bloody fab Tony, I laughed my sodding socks of from beginning to end, because everything you said is true!
    It’s a bit like great comedy, you can’t invent it but when you relate to the truth in everyday situations, it’s bloody funny!
    Right, and that leaves me where, exactly………??
    Ummm, I’ll get back to you on that one!

  41. You have hit the nail on the head!

    I could go on and on commenting on the content, but my comment would be as long as the post;) Had to jab ya.

    Great post Tony and that explains why you are so successful. Keep it coming mate.


  42. Hi Tony,

    I love this post! Really telling it like it is!

    I have been “aware” of you for a number of years now but only recently joined your mailing list – so glad I did as I really enjoy your email writing style (picking up a lot of tips!)

    It was a shame I couldn’t make the Brizzle event as it would have been great to meet both you and Tony Newton who I have been in regular email contact with over the past few weeks.

    I am sure an opportunity will arise soon enough!


  43. I feel sorry that I never got to say hello to you in Bristol. I saw you at the bar deep in convo and didn’t want to interrupt and then it was too late — I was away, busy not discussing IM and getting hammered, lol! Perhaps next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Anne S

    Great stuff. Rueful smile. I say ‘baa’ but I am a goat not a sheep.

  45. Tony

    Great blog post, really resonates and absolutely gutted that I couldn’t make the Bristol event to catch up with some of your guys.

    Have tagged the blog and will keep an eye on what you are writing as some great tips from this first article read.
    All the best


  46. Hey Tony,

    It took me 3 years to learn that action was the key, not some magic potion…who would have thought that we actually have to get off our butts!


  47. Hi Tony,

    Oh man, I enjoyed your post! Excellent and plainly written – so easy to understand.

    Yes, you gotta be yourself. You try things and if they don’t work, well, you’ve learned some new things, anyhow. Then, you keep going, and hit it again, all the while just being yourself.

    All the best,

  48. richpeasant

    Hey Tony, are you sure there’s no Jedi IM council or IM governing body monitoring us? I keep getting this vague feeling that there’s a disapproving voice out there somewhere. Well, I do tell them where to stick it!

  49. Great stuff Tony

    All this ‘head cleaning’ by some successful or aspiring IMers doers get a bit annoying sometimes. Thanks for saying it as it is.

    Sometimes we act as if the internet has always been there and there is a certtain way of doing things when in actual fact there isn’t. You’ve just got to TAKE ACTION and learn from the results.

    In a way it all comes down to Responsibility. It’s no Gurus fault if things don’t go well – it’s all YOURS!

    Thanks for putting the ball in the right court.



  50. Amen Tony. Great post and so very true. I get tired of the ads I receive that say “you must have this” or “you cannot make money online without….”. Because if you really want to, you can do it your way.

  51. Toni

    Yeah! This is so absolutely true, and downright motivating.

  52. Hey there,

    Just found you tonight. First let me say that as a “Yank”, I love the expressions and writing of you folks across the pond.
    You know, it’s a funny thing. I have been working on a blog and a static site for almost 4 weeks now and just tonight on the way home from my day job (hopefully not for too much longer) !! and I thought to myself…I’m on for Sept 1st. I am putting what I have out there and starting to move.
    I will put out the blog first and worry about the static site later. Since I am a native New Yorker..I love your no BS position ! and am really happy that I found your site.
    Lee McIntyre recommended you!

  53. Leanne Thompson

    What a nice, decent genuine bloke you are! I have bookmarked your blog and will be coming back regularly to read your posts – excellent!

  54. The reason why this is a great blog post is because it is honest and true. The corporate mentality of a boss and being right or wrong cannot be used in the IM world. Either do it – or dont – succeed or dont – great post

  55. “There are two states of being for a professional
    internet marketer like me:

    1. Well I made a proper arse of that.
    2. Wow, that worked well.”

    Love it.

  56. I’m new to your site but I’m so glad I found it. I’m working on setting some goals and had a quick question. In your March, 2012 you say to post to your blog every day for 2 months. I have some blogs but mainly an SBI website. The question is, would posting to a site every day for 60 days work for a regular website or is it best to only use this system for a blog? Thanks so much for all your help.

  57. Oh for more like you – honesty and less BS. You are so right about the difference between “Can I…” and “How can I….”

    Great stuff!

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