The New Bum Marketing Method – A Review By Tony Shepherd

This bugger has let one of my oldest and most effective traffic secrets out of the bag.

He says that this ‘new’ bum marketing traffic method beats the ‘old’ method hands down.

And it does I agree, except that it’s not a new method. I’ve been doing this (quietly) for years.

It’s not widely used any longer which suits me just fine because most people just don’t realise how effective it is.

In fact many newcomers to the IM scene just don’t realise it even exists let alone it’s potential.

Best of all in my view is that if Google gets arsey and moves the goalposts every couple of months it has no effect on this method at all.

Let me tell share with you two secrets about getting your traffic in this way:

1. It’s totally fr-ee and the traffic will start arriving by the end of the week

2. It can send you MORE traffic combined than the ‘old’ bum marketing methods COMBINED.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

It costs less than $8 and it something you really should know about that works in any niche.

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3 responses to “The New Bum Marketing Method – A Review By Tony Shepherd

  1. Ouch! Just followed the link to the WF for your ‘new’ Bum Marketing method and it’s closed!!!!!! Boo Hoo!

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Yeah the sales page said it was limited – Sorry! 🙁


  3. Hey Tony Are you going to reopen this or sell it outright?

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