Our first ever website in The Hot Seat!

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Hi Guys,

Well choosing the first site to put under the ‘Hot Seat’ spotlights was SERIOUSLY hard work.

I ended up with a shortlist of 7 then eventually chose the site.

It’s Joanna Paez’s site http://inspiredworkingmoms.com/

It was launched in january and now she says she’s ‘totally stuck’

So let’s see if we can offer a little help and maybe learn something too.

Here’s what we’re going to do chaps.

I’ll start the ball rolling with the first comment below, by posting some comments, ideas and suggestions

Joanna – just go through the comments and answer the Q’s – and we’ll probably need you to answer some questions too.

And everyone is free to make their own comments of course.

In short guys – we’re making up this ‘hot seat’ event as we go along, so let’s see what happens eh 🙂

My first comment is below.

Please get involved and give your opinions of Joanna’s site. (Constructive please)

So leave your comments about Joanna’s site below!

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32 responses to “Our first ever website in The Hot Seat!

  1. Tony Shepherd

    Ok Joanna, here with go with putting your site (http://inspiredworkingmoms.com) in the Hot Seat.

    First off it’s a nice looking blog.

    I notice you have a pop-up AND an opt-in form to for your free ‘Inspired Moms’ guide and newsletter.

    What are your conversion stats on these?

    Could you use one or the other rather than both?

    The opt-in form in the top right sidebar is taking up some PRIME advertising space, whether it’s for your own affiliate ads OR you selling advertising space on your blog, I’d look at your opt-in stats and if your pop up gets a higher conversion rate I’d seriously think about dumping the sidebar optin and putting a nice juicy (highly relevant) ad in it’s place.

    There’s a lot you could do with this blog but I have to say probably the first thing I’d do is to start monetizing it.

    If you’re not getting much traffic yet then you won’t see much money come from your ads BUT I think it’s important to do this because it gets your visitors used to seeing ads on your blog AND it’s a positive step in you seeing your blog as a real business rather than just a hobby.

    I take it your intention is to make this blog into an authority blog?

    I’m having to stop myself from continuing here 🙂

    It’s a nice looking site with a lot of potential.

    What do the other members of the Hot Seat panel think?

    Pls leave your comments below, and Maria – feel free to come back with your comments and to answer our questions.


    P.S. If this works, we’ll be running through some training that ANYONE setting up an authority blog can use 😉

  2. Barry Miller

    I found the pop-up annoying when it came up on every page.

  3. Tony Shepherd

    Yes I’d adjust the settings too so it only shows for new visitors.

    It’s a balance between what works and what bugs people.

  4. Hi, Joanna!

    Maybe I missed your original comment in the previous post by Tony, it would help to know what you’re stuck at, is it traffic, conversions, bounce-rates?

    Here are a few suggestions that may help you:

    – I think there are too many different “paths” to access the content, I don’t see a simple structure your visitors can understand when they first land on your page. Sometimes too many options tend to work worse than a few clear paths.

    If I’m a working mom interested in the “make money” aspect, should I click on “business”, or in “money” options in the menu? And if I looked at the “categories” section in the right sidebar, the confusion could be even bigger, there’s “business ideas”, “business planning”, “starting a business”…

    If your “slogan” is empowering moms to succeed in love, life and business”, why don’t you just put these three top level categories in the main menu? You can add subcategories below, if you want to, but your visitors would at least have a clear starting point.

    Plus, using your tracking, you would know what your visitors are more interested in, ande develop that section more.

    – Regarding the slider in the home page, it seems to be showing different posts each time you reload the page. This randomness doesn’t add much to the visitor, but especially doesn’t addd value to you.

    I’d use it to show a few “featured” posts that generate the most conversions (generate more leads / sales / commissions, likes-tweets-plusones, whatever). Leverage them using the slider!

    – And yes, please, if possible use a cookie so that the pop-up is only shown to each visitor once per session or per day.

    I hope this helps!

  5. Well, no expert here but few things that hit me.

    Agreed on the pop ups, slide ins, etc. Way to much.

    Sometimes less is more. Might look at trimming a tab or two on the navigation bar. Like Money and business. There are posts that are in each category. I read an article once that was talking about attributing one category to a post and not multiple categories for one post. Can’t remember the reason for it but had something to do with SEO. (Maybe Tony has an idea on this).

    I wouldn’t have a category or tab (Spirit) that doesn’t have any posts. Save it until you have some good content for it and maybe more than one post for it.

    With advertising tab I know your goal but it doesn’t tell me anything. I’m not sure what “incoming search terms” is.

    The (Issues) tab. I’m not sure what that is. Maybe that’s one you could do away with and add them to business. Some are duplicate.

    Love the look of the site. Logo, colors and overall general niche. You’ve got a lot of good things there to work with.

  6. Hamida

    The site looks nice and the content is good. Here are some of my observations:

    On the pop up – ‘loosing’ should be ‘losing’

    The ebook on the graphic pop up is really blurry and that would put me off.

    The bullets on the pop up aren’t benefit orientated enough – I’m not a copywriter so I can’t suggest better ones, but to me it looks like you’re offering the same info I can find on any work at home site (without having to give up my email address).

    I know it’s already been said but the pop up on every page HAS to go.

    I’d add some affiliate links into the free report. If you’re going to give a short paragraph explaining affiliate marketing, ecommerce etc there are lots of relevant courses & ebooks on affiliate networks like Clickbank that your readers might find useful.

    How do you intend to monetize the site – Adsense, affiliate programs?

  7. Okay so while I’m at it I went back to look at a few links.

    Make sure your links open up in a new window. You don’t want to be directing people away from you site and having to click the back button to reach your site again.

    Of course I didn’t look at all the links but on this page, http://inspiredworkingmoms.com/work-at-home-ideas-for-moms/, some open in a new window and some do not.

  8. Hi

    firstly – great looking site. Clean, easy on the eyes. It also appears that a LOT of work went into content – great stuff. As Google becomes more and more obsessed with quality content, and less with SEO, it is bound to pay off.

    Secondly – have to agree with popup settings.

    As far as the advertising space goes…

    If she cuts the popup down to only one show per visit, then that opt-in form will be her “safety catch” to still make subscribers out of some of the people who do not sign up on the first page they land on.

    However, if the list is the only monetization, then the follow-up has to be very well monetized.

    If she wants to monetize the blog itself, she could always consider simply adding a single product text link below every post to a relevant product, or even use something like wp-insert to insert ads halfway through the post (or even do it manually for every post if she wants different ads for different posts).

    Tony, what do you think?

    Personally, just one thing I would have expected differently – and that is just to be able to see the headline of the first post above the fold on the home page.

    But that’s just personal preference.

    How’s the traffic looking so far?

    I hope she does well – considering all the work she has put into it.

    just my 0.02c


  9. Thank you so much putting my site on the “hot seat”! I’m ready for advice and suggestions 🙂

    To start with Tony’s questions/comments:

    My goal is to make this into an authority blog and monetized through ads, affiliate marketing and my own info products (though the latter is some time off).

    I’ve been trying to monetize through my newsletter but since I have only a few subscribers, the money isn’t exactly rolling in. I struggle to find products that I feel comfortable promoting or that think would add value to my subscribers (or maybe I just over-think!).

    My conversion rate is VERY low. And I’m trying to figure out what’s going on – according to my stats I’ve been averaging about 450 visitors per month over the last three months and during that time I’ve only had 3 new subscribers. All of these have come from the side-bar opt-in.

    In an attempt to help conversions I installed the pop-up, but that hasn’t helped at all. Which surprised me because so many Internet marketers recommend them. Recently I was considering just removing it since it hasn’t done anything for me.

    I think the idea of an ad where the opt-in currently resides is great – but I’m hesitant to do that since it’s my only converting opt-in.

    I did consider adding ads in the side-bar area but I read that google was penalizing sites with ads (including Adsense ads!) on the front page.

    I’ve been putting monetization to the side because I have little traffic, so I made the decision to focus on increasing traffic and conversion. But I see your point about getting readers used to seeing there and will look to include ads on the front page.

  10. Ian McLaren

    Hi Joanna 🙂

    (I’m a complete amateur)

    Nice fresh clean site.

    Maybe a little “busy”

    I would lose the Top Menu and decide on a regular structure for the Post Snippets to help the flow.
    e.g. Picture size and position the same on all.

    Perhaps the “Welcome Post” could be an “About Us” tab and get right into content early on the home\first page.

    Sidebar Social Widgets may be surplus to requirements with all the other sharing available.

    All the best
    Ian McLaren

  11. Firstly, this is a great idea Tony, I’ve got something out of this already from the reviews on Joanna’s website.

    My first thought was “wow this looks like a cool site”. Love the design. I liked the optin form but reading Tony’s thoughts on conversion is definitely something to think about. You could still have the optin form but further down the page for when someone is about to leave the site and they sign up before they go.

    I hadn’t really noticed the navigation but now it’s been pointed out by Mikel I can see that and would set about simplifying it. And I agree with Geoff about some of the content in the tabs – it’s not clear.

    Great advice here Joanna and think your website will be amazing once you’ve made some changes.

    Don’t lose heart because you’re well on your way. When you’ve got information overload just focus on one thing at a time that will take you to your goal. Maybe do a mindmap if you agree with simplifying the navigation of how you envisage you want your site to look like and map out the steps that are most important to achieve it.

    I like your resource page. And I like your facebook fanbox because it shows you have a lot of interest in what you are doing.

    All the best 🙂

  12. Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions, they’ve been really helpful and much appreciated.

    @Mikel – The reason I’m stuck is because my traffic is low, little conversion rate and a small list. I’m confused about how to move forward because I haven’t found something that I can work with. For example:
    -one suggestions was to get “experts” to write content for your site. This will help you with content creation and to attract visitors who are fans of the expert. Except if you have little traffic and a small list attracting experts is going to be an challenging.

    -another suggestion involves Facebook – but many of my FB friends are not in my target market and while I do share what I’m doing on my blog if feels weird to market to my friends and family.

    -another one suggested guest posting on other’s blogs – this one looks promising but it also seems to depend a lot on using your list as an incentive for the hosting blog.

    -I’m open to paying for traffic but I’m not sure how to go about finding my best option for that.

    Great suggestions regarding too many points of entry, I can see how it may be confusing for visitors to know where to start, I work on making it simpler. I really like your suggestion about condensing the Nav Bar into the three – Love, Life and Business. Thanks a bunch!

    @ Geoff – Thanks for your input! I’m still populating the site, but I agree a category with no posts doesn’t look good. With Mikel’s suggestion above I think I can solve this.

    -The Advertising section was meant for interested advertisers, being my site is not ready I should remove that.

    -The “Issues” tab leads to a page with all the posts, in chronological order. Should it be removed?

    -Good point about links opening in a new window – I do try to always set it up that way but I think I missed some in my earlier posts.

  13. Hi Joanna,

    I have a pop-up blocker installed so I didn’t get to see the pop-up! As I am probably not the only one I would have missed your opt-in form if it was not on the static page somewhere.

    Cannot fault the content. Loads of stuff, but all the links I clicked on in the posts took me to another of your posts. Excellent idea and good for SEO.

    My recommendation to monetise the site more would be to have some of the links be your affiliate links to appropriate sales pages.

    Everybody expects some selling on a site so I agree with Tony that you should be getting your readers used to this earlier rather than later otherwise you will become known as the place to go for free information only.

    I thought it was a very interesting site and even though I am not a ‘Mom’ found some of your posts very readable.

    Best wishes.


  14. The pop-up has been deactivated, I don’t seem to be able to control its behavior, so for the time being it’s gone. It doesn’t show up for me so I didn’t realize how annoying it was for visitors.

    @Hamida – Thanks for checking out my site 🙂

    -I plan on monetizing through affiliate marketing, ads and eventually info products.

    -Adding affiliate links to the report is a great idea. I do check clickbank but I hesitate because I don’t know how to judge the quality of the product without going out and purchasing it myself. I’ve read you should buy the product and review it, but I would rather not have to do that because that would add up to a lot of money!

    Any suggestions on finding good products is much appreciated.

  15. Tony Shepherd

    Fantastic Guys!!

    I hope the majority of you have your own businesses and are seeing some results because you bloody well should be with comments and insights like these!

    I’m impressed.

    OK fuirther comments from me.

    Joanna – the optin issue with blogs isn’t a new one, for anyone. My optin rate from my blog is crap, which is why you might have noticed that there’s NO optin form on my blog.

    Return visitors will opt in once if you’re lucky but often don’t feel the need to optin because they know where your blog is.

    Make sure your RSS feed works and use feedburner. This will tell people when you post new content.

    (My feed blew up the other day and needs fixing)

    So the solution?

    Here’s what I’d do in your position:

    1. Create a ‘New visitors start here’ and move your introduction to a new page with a prominent menu link. On that page you could put the opt in form so they could subscribe to be notified to new material if they want

    2. Make a squeeze page. If I were to recommend vital components to anyone’s business it would be a squeeze page and a blog.

    You could use your sq page to capture leads and do what I do – email them when there’s a new post on your blog. You can also send promos etc obviously.

    Which brings us to traffic.

    I SEO every single post I write. It brings in organic traffic. I use long tail keywords so if you search for the term ‘bum marketing method’ for example you should find my blog on p1 of Google.

    This brings in traffic.

    I have tens if not hundreds of similar posts.

    If you had a squeeze page you could also buy traffic too. This would bump your list up.

    Monetizing your blog is priority too. Don’t ever forget you’re in this to make money as well as share content 🙂


  16. Penny Butterworth

    When I first arrive on the site I like how clean it looks. Then once I scroll down and find the categories on the side bar I’m not sure what direction to go in because there are far too many choices there.
    I think I would put all of the similar categories together, or at least under one main category, like… skin care would go under body and motivation would go under mind, and so on.

    I was lost with the “Issues” option as well, when I went there, there were business type posts, so what is the issue?

  17. Joanna, you’ve gotten a truckload of really good advice from this group. In fact, I’m taking some of it back to my blog if not to change it, certainly to review and re-evaluate.

    What Tony says on traffic works really well for me — SEO the heck out of a new post/page for one keyword that has at least SOME traffic and little or no competition. “stay at home moms” may not be that difficult to get ranked for. Positions #4 through 10 have zero backlinks. If you make a post with solid SEO, write an article and get it into ezinearticles and then make 20 or 30 backlinks to that specific post, you will definitely see an increase in traffic. Getting ranked for the second keyword is way, way easier.

    I like your site very much — It’s fresh and bright and feels very inspirational.

  18. Hi Joanna,

    You have obviously put your heart into this. The content is great and the layout is pleasing on the eye.

    However, my impression of the site is that there is no focus on what the site is about. The navigation is confusing and hard to follow. The blue list at the top, Business, Parenting, Relationships etc just confuses me as to what the site is about.

    It appears to be a general site that covers everything and anything about being a “mom”. I read a few posts and didn’t see that they were aimed particularly at women, or written from a women’s perspective.

    I would question if the site is just too broad and needs perhaps to focus more on a specific thing. Is it a business site or a lifestyle site?

    Trying to combine the two may just be too much to handle. In my opinion there are far too many categories. There are at least 10 that are all business related. Wouldn’t they be better together?

    From my own experience it’s easier to monetise a site that is very tightly focused rather than being more general.

  19. shaktar

    Hi Joanna. Here are my quick thoughts:

    Your pages named ADVERTISE and VIDEOS have no content.

    Nobody likes the little slide-ins that recommend stuff to viewers. I would ditch that fast (my weird personal preferences).

    Bottom left of the screen, this warning showed up:


    That scares me and most other people because it doesn’t tell us what it is. Are you being hacked? Will I be hacked?

    Speaking of hacking, is your WordPress installation secure? If not, you will definitely be hacked. There are numerous ways to protect your WP install. Just search “wordpress security”.

    Here’s a site I have bookmarked. There are many more sites like this: http://sixrevisions.com/wordpress/12-essential-security-tips-and-hacks-for-wordpress/

    Some folks are advocating an ad in the upper right corner, displacing your form. Isn’t Google’s latest update going to penalize you for having ads above the fold? Why tempt them? Keep the form there.

    Unless you’re paying them for something, remove Website Design and Graphics by DPK Graphic Design from your footer. You need to keep people on your website, not send them to another one.

    Your Twitter and Facebook boxes are empty. Fill ’em up with comments, yours or others.

    Naming your blog ISSUES threw me off. I expected something different than what I saw there.

    I signed up for your working mom guide to see what happens. I got your welcome email but the guide download page wouldn’t load. Update: It loaded in about 90 seconds.

    Your BUSINESS page duplicates your blog/ISSUES page. I guess that’s a function of the tags you put on your articles. Google doesn’t like duplicate content and I’m wondering how this might hurt your rank. Other posters might be able to shed some light on this.

    Your SPIRIT page has no posts. Empty pages hurt you so you should put something there.

    Install SEOQuake, if you haven’t already done so, and you can see a nice report covering many SEO topics. It’s free.

    Summary: Get social! Get backlinks from related websites. Write lots of original content.

    I hope this is helpful to you. Otherwise, you have a nice looking site that has potential. Good luck!


  20. A big thanks to Tony for doing this in the first place and to all who have taken the time to look at my website and share feedback.

    I’ve learned a whole lot and have lots of homework to do this weekend 🙂

    Tony you mentioned a training on setting up an Authority blog, I look forward to learning more about it!

  21. Hi, Joanna:

    You’ve gotten a lot of good information here. I think the site looks great and the color scheme, I think, is attractive for your target audience. The empty page thing does create an issue, but I’m hardly one to talk. One thing you could do to temporarily remedy the blank pages is to post E-zine articles there that are relevant to the category. You can always remove them once you have original content to post.

    I agree with Shaktar about the links at the bottom. I had an issue with a web designer who placed a link to his website on my squeeze page of all places. The last thing we need is to drive traffic away from our site. Looking good!

    All the best!


  22. Joanna,
    I certainly agree with all the comments praising the look and feel of your site … it’s definitely attractive and fits the “inspiring” label!

    I confess that I was eager to get ideas for improving my own blog. The suggestions about your optin form by Tony and some others were most interesting to me … I really like the idea of a squeeze page because as I only recently learned, this page can be promoted! I also like the idea of adding an optin to a page created for first time visitors and I’m going to do that today!

    Good luck in your business Joanna, it’s great to think that there is that resource for mothers to work at home nowadays … when my children were young I started day care in my home to make ends meet!


  23. What a great idea, Tony! I have learned TONS from this first Website Hot Seat.

    Good on Ya, Joanna, for being willing to help teach me by your willingness to be critiqued.

    My first thought when landing on your site was how attractive it was. Someone said it was easy on the eyes and I agree but in addition, I thought it also had a very welcoming feeling. For me, it’s like walking into a room and feeling at home.

    After a bit of time there I realized I was almost spinning in circles. The confused mind says, “NO” to what it sees. I got confused and couldn’t make a decision on what to choose first or second. The choices were too varied. Everyone is busy so giving them too many options will only lose them in the end. I might bookmark your site to come back to when I have more time but the truth is if I do that you wont get me back. Most of the time that’s my way of putting a site on a shelf and NOT making a decision because of overwhelm.

    I have lots to learn about many of the basics so I am speaking as a visitor rather than an associate who can give you detailed feedback.

    Thanks everyone for sharing. I have taken notes and will apply your feedback to my own work.

  24. Tony Shepherd

    Excellent stuff – LOADS of really good commments and insightful views here.

    Like the 7 Day Accountability Challenge, I’ll run another one of these.

    BIG thanks to everyone who got involved


  25. Hey Joanna, Well, sure looks like you’ve been working to clean the site up. I wanted to come back to see the changes and it looks much better and cleaner.

    One thing I noticed on the “ready to be a WHAM.” It takes me away from the blog. I know you know this but it would be better to have it open in a new window.

    What a great opportunity and thanks for putting yourself out there.

    Tony- thanks for doing this!

  26. Anne the Hamster

    Hi Joanna,

    I liked the look of your blog and enjoyed reading some of your articles.

    Didn’t get opt-in form as my pop-up blocker stopped it.

    You are driving good traffic at 450/month. Good luck with getting more conversions – you’ve got a lot of advice.

    This may turn into several income streams as you’re covering three areas of interest to working mothers.

    Way to go!

    All the best,

    Anne Hamster

  27. Hi Joanna

    First of all it’s a nice looking blog and I like the design a lot.

    The content looks to be excellent too – and that’s always a great thing because at the end of the day people will come to your blog to read the content.

    Not sure if others have experienced the same thing but for me the site isn’t formatting correctly in my browser. I’ve just tried it in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and the right-hand sidebar appears half way down the page, leaving a blank white space above it.

    All in all though it’s a very nice blog with lots of potential. I’ll come back in the future and see how you’re getting on with it 🙂

    Tony – I really like this idea and look forward to the next one!



  28. Hi Joanna …

    Sorry I’m a little late on this one as I’ve been down with a bug the last two weeks.

    The pop up was gone when I looked… so no issues there.

    if it were me I would make the logo stand out a bit more by increasing the size. The blog is a nice design and great colour combination that fits the theme. There seems to be a lot of white space on the left that I would personally populate.

    There are people on here far more qualified to comment than me and I guess there have been some really good recommendations so far .. so I hope that mine has helped also 🙂



  29. Hi Joanna,

    Sorry if I’m late to the party but I’ve been on vacation…

    I see that you appear to have already implemented some of the suggestions provided above and your site is now looking even better. It is really attractive, has some really great content which is useful to Inspired working Dads as well as Moms!

    Tony’s point (2) was to provide a squeeze page, something I am looking to implement on my own blog. This is good advice from a Master!

    If you aren’t techy enough to create your own from scratch I have just been looking at James Francis’s new “Point And Click Squeeze Page” software. It looks great and at the moment you can get it for just $7 (normally $197 !!) risk free for 60 days. Take a look here if you are interested: http://www.pointandclicksqueeze.com/?e=mike@sytech.freeserve.co.uk

  30. Ian

    Hi Joanna,

    I’d agree with the comment about the niche beign broad – love, life and business is very, very broad and you’re competing with some well established blogs for work at home and “mompreneurs”. It fails like the site is mainly business – but is there some specific aspect that you’d say you know a lot about?

    Better to be a big fish in a small pond. Helps with long tail SEO too if all the posts are related to your microniche.

    On the left hand side of the site the single category dropdown is wasting a ton of real estate for you and adding very little value.

    The blog posts summary text is quite small – my old eyes struggled with it. And your theme is taking out all the formatting, new lines, etc. So it makes it look very unappealing – as if it would be a difficult read.

    I’d be tempted to use one of the themes that formats the extract nicely and shows a big graphic with it so you’ll get more clickthroughs to the articles.

    You mentioned in one of your comments that your own product is some way off. I’d be tempted to rethink that. You said you struggled to find affiliate products you felt comfortable promoting. If that’s the case, then the chances are (a) there aren’t many out there – so your revenue opportunities from affiliate products aren’t going to be high. (b) there may be a gap in the market for a great product that you coudl make.

    Thinking about that product and the customer problem it solves could also help you refine your niche and guide what you write about on the blog.

    Finally, I think your free giveaway needs to be stronger. I suspect the reason you get so few optins is primarily that most visitors aren’t that interested in finding out “how to become a work at home mom”. Probably many of them already are work at home moms, and those that aren’t maybe don’t imagine it’s that hard.

    More attractive would be how to SUCCEED as a work at home mom. Or how I make $7453.87 a month as a work at home mom or whatever. Or a guide to addressing whatever you’ve found to be the biggest problem work at home moms have.

    Best of luck,


    PS I really like the social media icons you have down the right of the screen – is that a plugin?

  31. Phil

    I’m well known for being a curmudgeon – I’ve rewritten some of Tony’s content in the past, so don’t let anything I say really affect you….(it never affected him!)

    Pop-up – seems to be there still for me. And when the first pop-up I see invited me to ‘get out of debt’ or similar then I feel insulted, particularly when it says it’s specially targeted at me!

    The site itself – nice template/design. Clean but without impact. It didn’t ‘grab’ me – it’s all a bit ‘pastel’. But that might work well for your intended audience.

    Too much choice in the menu department. There’s stuff at the very top, stuff underneath the header graphic, stuff on the left in a drop down and then assorted stuff in the right hand column too. I’m so stuffed I really don’t know where to go next.

    If I might suggest that you move your invitation to sign up to the left hand column? It would have an immediate impact. BUT – I have to say that “The Inspired Working Moms Guide to Becoming a Work at Home Mom” wore me out just reading the title. Could you rephrase it to make it shorter? For example, make the title “Become a Work at Home Mom” in large type and a subtitle “An Inspired Working Moms’ Guide” in smaller type.

    You can liven up your blog postings by including a graphic or photo in each one.* A sea of text is boring. On which subject – too many postings on the first page. Max 2 – preferably only 1. Put the titles of the most recent others in a menu on the left. And, while I’m on titles…

    Spot the similarity:
    5 Steps to …
    6 Secrets To …
    5 Reason Why …

    Now, those are great ideas for articles but when they come one after another it looks like a one trick pony. We all know that it’s easy to write an article like “X steps to improve your website” and when you’ve thought up nine steps change X to 9 but doing it again and again isn’t good.

    It may just be my browser but on the “Starting Your Own Business: 5 Tips To Stay Motivated” page I’m getting half an invitation to sign up for something (just above the comments). Can’t see it – it looks amateur.

    I like the idea of “Empowering Moms to Succeed in LOVE, Life and Business”. Why did I pick out Love? Because there’s nothing there about it. Otherwise it’s a great strap line. (I would have made it a bit smaller and bigged up ‘Inspired Working Moms’)

    I am impressed by the fact that you have (on the pages I looked at) spelled everything correctly and the English is good. That’s a major failing on a lot of sites – as I’ve remarked to Tony in the past, your content may be the best in the world but if you can’t get the spelling and grammar correct it is going to look bad. After all, if you can’t be bothered to spell properly how do I know that anything else you are doing is done properly?

    And, finally, I think this site has enormous potential. You are obviously a talented lady with a lot of great ideas. There’s some good advice in the preceding comments which you need to lend an ear to. I wish you the very best of luck and hope you come back and tell us how you are getting on.


  32. seo 76

    I get plenty of visitors but not too many conversions…I recently tried to improve it a little, and it did some good, but still not enough…..any suggestions?

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