Use common sense, especially when it goes against the herd

Paper currencies and stock markets crash, but gold, silver, land, businesses and tangible assets usually don’t (for long)

If your gas is running through several different countries before it reaches you, someone might switch it off if the political climate changes.

If your business relies on third parties for anything significant such as Google and SEO for your traffic, or Blogspot for your main hub site you’re in a more vulnerable position than you should be

Use common sense.

Keep as much control as you can and base your business around the basics – products, traffic, lead acquisition and conversion.

If something is ‘hot’ or is the latest new shiny thing, look at it with your common-sense specs on, regardless of what the herd are doing or saying

Sometimes it’s best to hide in a doorway while the herd rush past you, then walk in the other direction…towards the REAL opportunities

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