The people on your list…

It’s far too easy to see your list as a giant ATM machine.

Something you contact with offers every time you need a cash boost.

But your business could actually be more profitable if you see them as individuals, and treat them as such in your mailings.

I often segregate my list before I mail to them.

I separate buyers who have invested in a certain product of mine and then offer them something highly related, or segregate those people who opted in for a certain interest group but didn’t buy the upsell and then offer them something different instead.

Instead of seeing your list as a big wobbly mass of people joined at the hip to be milked every time you want to pay a bill…

…try seeing them as individuals.

And connect with them as such.

Have you ever mailed just the women on your list, or the people over 60 years old, or only the people who live in Europe?

By creating products just for them you could built small, rabidly enthusiastic groups of followers.

And it can lead you down some very profitable paths.

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