If your business can’t make you cash on demand it could be flawed

Just my opinion of course, but I’m probably right 🙂

If you’ve built your business correctly you’ll have access to customers day and night, 365 days a year.

With online businesses this usually means access to customer, subscribers and/or traffic

For me it just means mailing my list with an unbeatable offer and I’ll have cash in the bank within hours.

For sites with heavy traffic this could mean placing a prominent ad or offer

For a software as a service or membership site this could mean offering a huge discount to users who take up a year’s membership up front

For a coder, designer or writer this could mean contacting past clients with a discount offer that lasts just 14 days

But none of these can happen if you don’t keep some kind of list, database  or record of your customers, members, prospects or leads…

…AND have their permission to contact them

It’s as simple as getting an Aweber account and finding a way to get the contact details of as many of the people who come into contact with your business as possible

Just build a contactable list

It’s the equivalent of cash on demand

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