Toothache and third-rate article writers

Friday evening and I started with toothache.

Not just a twinge, but the sort of Thor’s Hammer pounding, red-hot needle jabbing pain that turns a 6’4” bloke into a whimpering blob.

I know I can’t get to see my dentist until Monday so it’s time to search for temporary relief

The Googling begins and once I’m past the horror stories (maybe it IS an alien implant gone wrong not toothache?) I start to narrow down my searches.

Which is when I start to seriously dislike internet marketers.

Because every time I find what I think might be a decent site about how to cure my woes, I realise with frustration that what I’ve really found is a content site with articles written by someone with English as possibly a fourth a fifth language and stuffed with Adsense and Clickbank ads to monetize the blood thing!

It’s EXACTLY the sort of thing I’ve done myself in the past (but with better quality content).

But now I hate that it’s affecting my search for pain relief.

How dare people try to profit from my needs?

Fully aware that I’m now a classic ‘desperate buyer’ I keep searching, steadfastly refusing to click on any ads…

…until the realisation hits home, worse than any toothache.

The irony is more solid than any filling…

It was owning sites like these that paid for my dental work in the first place…

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3 responses to “Toothache and third-rate article writers

  1. An interesting outcome when one crosses over to the other side Tony, some times not a good feeling.

    Until we are able to look at our work from the other side we just don’t seem to realise that some it may be very “Out There”.

    So many times we are told to put ourselves in our customers in our customers shoes, to identify with them and their problems, but just how many times do we do that?

    Thanks for that Tony, it has reminded me to do just that, jump into my customers shoes and see how they feel when they do their search for a solution to a problem.

  2. Tony Shepherd

    The post is a bit jokey I know Thomas but it really did shock me how many crappy sites there are out there that have got good rankings! Felt slightly ashamed of being a marketer if I’m being honest, although I’ve never been a prolific builder of sites like this

    Makes you think eh?

  3. Hi Tony, a relevant post from my angle as I’m torn between monetising and high quality content, when I feel they must somehow be complementary!
    As for the viewpoint, Bob Dylan said it best for me – If I could be in your shoes, and you could be in mine, you’d know what a drag it is to see you! Hope the Tooth is now behaving itself
    Good Luck
    John (Mr No-Beard)

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