What do you actually DO in your business?


Sometimes it’s an interesting exercise to write your own job description. What do you do in your business?

Ideas person?
Do you write the promos?
Do you create the products?
Are you basically admin?

Because if you work out what your role is within your business it makes it a lot easier to work out what to outsource.

If I strip my business down to the bare bones, my role is to build my list, communicate with my readers and generate ideas.

On a practical day to day basis that could be just an hour’s worth of booking solos and writing an email to my list.

But by stripping it back you get to see what foundations you have to BUILD on.

So I might create a newsletter that I write over a couple of days a month.

Maybe I’ll come up with some ideas for software and outsource the project.

Perhaps I’ll ‘try out’ a few blueprint methods and outsource that too if it brings me a profit.

But all the extras can be stopped and started as stand-alone projects without affecting my income or my subscribers in any way – my business won’t fold or even be affected too badly if for some reason I can’t work very much for 3 months.

But it all comes down to knowing what I do – what my main role is.

And more important than that, keeping it simple.

If you wear too many hats eventually they flop down in front of your eyes and your vision disappears 🙂

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