Two internet providers – 700% less hassle

tony shepherd

We run a few businesses from home.

Most online.

Some offline

But of course offline business need online presences so in reality there’s a lot of internet stuff going on in various different rooms at any one time of the day or night.

Which meant it was a major ball-ache when the internet went down.

It’s pretty reliable but it’s not 100% and it always seems to pack up when there’s something important to do, as I’m sure you’ve found.

So we got another internet service installed.

It costs less than £20 ($32) a month and it’s totally changed everything.

If there’s an issue with one provider we just switch wireless networks to the other until it’s sorted.

It’s a really simple solution but it’s made a huge difference.

Weird how hardly anyone does this though.

I mentioned it to friends and work colleagues and some of them said ‘Are you allowed to have more than one?’

And that’s where the problems lies.

Most of us can think outside the box to some extent

But most of us are also conditioned to seek permission by default.

If you find a solution to a problem that bottlenecks your business, sort out the solution and THEN ask permission 🙂

And if you work from home and use the internet get two lines installed. It’s life-changing stuff

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One response to “Two internet providers – 700% less hassle

  1. tony

    Back in early Internet days we HAD to have two lines into the house. One for the phone and one for the modem. Hardly any mobile around in those days so it was either schedule phone time or be on the modem. This meant incoming calls just about always heard the engaged tone when then they rang.

    I eventually went one better and got a seperate house,which I used as an office, around the time the kids were doing O and A levels. It was the only way I got enough freedom from all kinds of interuptions. Seriously considering doing it again.

    Nowadays if a seperate line is needed for occasional broadband use then it’s just an app on the moblie, job done. No waiting 3 months for the phone company to connect me up and then charging me a fortune just in rentals. Call charges on top. Ah! The not so happy days.


    Tony C

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