How to annoy your wife

how to annoy your wife

I just discovered that the phones we have in the house have an intercom function.

We have handsets in my workroom, the kitchen, the living room and my wife’s workroom which is right at the back of the house.

And I was bored and messing with the handset on my desk yesterday when I realised I can use my handset to call any of the others in the house.

I kind of knew it could do this but hadn’t tried before.

Now I can call my wife at any time while she’s in her studio from MY workroom!

So when I’m bored I’ll call her about five times in three minutes.

Asking her to make coffee (she’s nearer the kitchen than I am), reminding her to forward relevant emails to me (she never forgets but hates being reminded) and recently just to play the banjo to her down the phone.

She swore at me that time 🙂

She knows I’ll get bored of it soon but I must admit to chuckling to myself while I write this…


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One response to “How to annoy your wife

  1. I chuckled too Tony, but it died in my throat at the thought of my fate if I tried that here!!
    Grandma can be quite ferocious.

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