Big pile of unopened business mail

do internet marketers still use mail

This is the site that greeted me early this morning – was up early to see my daughter off on a three day trip with school

(This is my first day back at work after the Christmas holiday)

It’s all the business post we’ve received since 19th December when we closed the doors on work.

I’ve dipped back into my office to connect with clients, my private group, contacts and so on but I’ve never been tempted to open a single one of the letters on this pile.

Closed means closed – at least to people who send letters. Our support desk was fully functional right through the holidays for online stuff.

Although to be a fair a lot of the post that we get comes from our offline businesses where the majority of people still deal with paper and envelopes.

More and more it seems that physical mail requires me to ‘do stuff’ and over the Christmas and New Year hold the only thing I was doing was having fun.

It’s harder to ignore an envelope because it’s physically there in front of you (hence one of my ‘things’ this year will be to expand our direct mailing efforts), whereas email can be clicked away swiftly and without remorse…

…but I never have any problem NOT opening letters. The older you get, the less pleasant the experience seems to work out, unless of course it’s a cheque.

Which is why it’s going to take a strong cup of tea and a choccy biccy to even get me near this pile.

Bet you 50% of it is junk anyway…


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