Talent is only a small part of a bigger picture

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In one of the offline businesses we operate from home we deal with artists, designers, potters and that sort of thing. Some of them are really talented.

They’re not always the successful ones though. The successful ones are the guys and gals who realise that painting or sculpting or whatever they do is only TEN PERCENT of their business

The rest is about selling.

Branding, marketing and all the other usual stuff which basically comes down to SELLING.

From what I can see the ones who don’t make much money or still have day jobs create something, stand back to admire it then move on to create their NEXT piece.

The successful ones create something, stand back and admire it and then set about SELLING it before they spend much time creating anything new.

Talent is only a relatively small part of the success process unfortunately

Ring any bells ??

(who said internet marketing is the same?????)

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2 responses to “Talent is only a small part of a bigger picture

  1. Hi Tony,

    You could just as easily substitute knowledge for talent in your post. I have tons of knowledge in different fields but need to put into action more. That is coming very soon hopefully as my wife is now hot on my tail!


  2. Tony Shepherd

    VERY good point Dale, and totally right.

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