My experience as a LeadPages affiliate

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Leadpages affiliate program.

I’ll be honest here and say I didn’t know I’d made any sales as a Leadpages affiliates because I misplaced my login to the affiliate section (different to the main one) and couldn’t be bothered to look it up.

I didn’t get any notifications that I’d made sales either as far as I can see.

So when I got an email from them asking me to submit a W9 (or equivalent for living outside the US) I got interested because, well that’s what you need to fill in as an affiliate to get your commission cheque

Now I’ve not made a fortune, just slightly over $500 but that’s just from including my link in reports and mentions online here and there so quite happy with the results.

Their FAQ say they pay out ‘the first week of each month’

By 9th of this month nothing had arrived so I sent them an email. They replied to tell me that they pay ‘by the 10th’ of each month.

Bit messy I thought and could be made clearer but their support is always quick to reply.

Anyway my commission payment arrived yesterday (paid by Paypal) and the stats in my Leadpages affiliate dashboard are pretty good tracking wise.

So I’ll continue to promote Leadpages because I like their service and use it myself AND it’s pretty flexible as to what offer you can send your clicks to.

I like it. Just be aware that you need to have at least a ‘pro’ account as a user to become an affiliate and maintain it to receive your commission payments

You can get a demo of what Leadpages offer HERE

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  1. And for a completely unbiased review, my wife absolutely loves using leadPages – she actually enjoys designing squeeze pages and does them well.

    They even had a very nice drag and drop template for a few dollars extra which works really well.


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