The new PayPal ‘tap and go’ card reader

Paypal tap and go new card reader

Well we’re using the new PayPal tap and go reader at our trade shows and retail fairs for the offline business. It’s extremely impressive. It sometimes takes a few moments to find it’s connection but nothing serious and although my wife uses it more than me we’re both very impressed.

Her reader developed a fault just before the current expo we’re doing and the display didn’t offer a reboot or anything, just told us to contact Paypal. On doing this a replacement was couriered out within 48 hours, and Paypal support were spot on.

I WAS going to say the only downside was having to buy the new model handset since we already have the ‘old’ white one. But if we hadn’t had it as a fallback when the new reader went faulty things would have been very inconvenient.

Overall, great device, been flawless so far (touch wood) and support are excellent too.


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