Learn how to become a millionaire…for free



You can learn how to become a millionaire..or billionaire for that matter…for FREE

You can free yourself up from your 9-5 job if that’s what you want.

And you can start as soon as you’ve read this post.

All the infomrmation you need is out there for free on the internet.

The case studies

The videos showing how to do the technical side

The information

Even many of the services and software you need are available for free if you look hard enough, take trial offers and source discount codes.

Bit of a weird thing for me to say perhaps because part of my business is writing about how to start a full-time online business.

But I’m safe.

Because at our point in history, while we live in an age of amazing, stunning opportunity…

…we also live in an age where we don’t value things that are free.

Which is part of the reason I charge for mwhat I do

Obviously I need to make a living myself but also because they won’t be taken seriously or acted upon if they’re free.

But if you’ve ‘paid hard-earned money’ for something, well you’re much more likely to use it.

Of course if you hire me, or buy something I’ve written, you’ll ALSO get alongside the actual ‘thing’ you buy, a huge saving of your own time.

Because I’ve tweaked and tested, made mistakes, gone through the process, have the experience, have had the successes (and the failures) and all the other stuff over the past decade online that means you can benefit from that knowledge and take shortcuts.

But you don’t need it…

Because all the information you need IS out there for free.

You CAN learn the skills you need to replace your job or become an online (or offline for that matter) millionaire.

It’ll take more time, but this is the first age in history EVER where it’s all been there at your fingertips. At the push of a button you can learn to play the banjo, build a kite, compose a poem in the medieval  style or help a pig give birth.

It’s all there.

There really aren’t any excuses.

I’m acutely aware of that.

You should be too 🙂

Get stuck in!

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3 responses to “Learn how to become a millionaire…for free

  1. So true Tony, the means to accomplish just about anything you want is out there if you know how to look and have the patience to compile it, and act upon it – but so many are absolute sceptics and don’t see what is in front of them , even if they do it is not valued or acted on!
    How many questions are asked each day that could be found with a small query on Google?
    Amazing times we live in.

  2. Tony Shepherd

    It’s very telling that ‘Google’ has become a verb 🙂

  3. Great message, hit home and , even though, far too many people will not believe that they can do it on their own… it is true.
    And you are 100% right when you say that people do not trust anything free… kind of goes back to what our parents said “if it sounds to good to be true…” well, you know the rest.
    great post. And yes, all of the tools are there to “reinvent” yourself.
    Randy b.

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