Marketing targeted at ego



Watched a lot of TV last night – specifically a couple of ‘LillyHammer’ episodes which I really like (stick with me, marketing point on the way)

When it finished and as I was finishing my wine I flicked back onto ‘real telly’ and found something ‘featuring’ a bloke called Joey Essex doing something somewhere in Wales.

This bloke’s background is from reality TV, a genre I can’t believe is being beamed into space so aliens can find out more about how we really are (we’re now fucked in my opinion)

Anyway…this Joey chap, who I’m sure is a caring and loving bloke went BEYOND thick and into a new realm that I’m seeing more and more on TV and that is of TOTAL SELF-OBSESSION.

If something was discussed that wasn’t about him, he turned the conversation around to how it ‘might’ affect him (or his hair or his clothes)

I actually ended up LIKING the bloke because he had turned the cult of ‘Joey’ into an art form.

And I found myself thinking that if more and more younger people are going to be influenced by this kind of ‘celebrity’ and TV…

…what an AMAZING niche it will be to market to!!

I’m making plans now, because if copywriting is the art of appealing to a persons self, egocentricity or vanity…

…then it’s going to be like shooting fish in a barrel 🙂

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