Business Development in action

Went out for lunch with my wife yesterday to a popular foodie type pub and saw a lovely example of how you can make your business processes more efficient by keeping an eye on what tasks you have to perform over and over again and automating them.

The girl behind the (very busy) bar had been interrupted at least half a dozen times while we were were waiting for our food to arrive by people asking for the pub wifi password.

So as soon as she had a spare moment she grabbed a spare specials board and placed the following message on the bar (this is also the reason you should have an FAQ section on your support page or ticket desk)

tony shepherd bar

She’d be my bar manager now if I owned the place!

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2 responses to “Business Development in action

  1. For places such as pubs, clubs and cafe’s, where their wifi field is limited anyway it is probably best to have an open password – only the punters are able to use the service in any case and the bandwidth is metered also – write it off as a business expense, saves a headache for the staff.

  2. It just goes to show that a little common sense goes a long way – well done that barmaid.

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