As a freelancer, why not profit from the fact that other people want to do what you do?

Freelance consulting

You already know that earning your living as a freelance writer, coder, webbie, proof-reader, copy writer or whatever is nowhere near as glamorous as many people think it is…

…but there’s no getting away from the fact that many 9-5 employees regard your working-from-home, pyjamas until 10am lifestyle with envy, and decide that the grass is most definitely greener on the freelance side.

Unfortunately most wannabes don’t see the reality of working 60 hour weeks to earn enough to keep the wolf from the door, chasing late payers, enduring dry spells when work, ideas or commissions are think on the ground or those days when just everything goes wrong.

But there’s no convincing someone who hates their job and wants to become a freelance that it will be like that for them too…

…so you might as well profit from the idea that they want to do what YOU do, while helping them at the same time.

If you’ve been making a living as a freelance for any amount of time then you know the ropes. You really do.

You know where to get work, how to submit briefs, how to structure your payment rates, where to find help, support and professional communities, how to pitch for jobs, how to avoid pitfalls and so on.

And all this is extremely valuable information for anyone wanting to become a freelance in your field.

So why not offer your expertise as an extra service?

You could offer to coach new freelancers through the quagmire of getting started either on a personal one-to-one level, on a group level or even via email consultation.

Many people (me included) would have happily paid a consultant to shortcut past many of the beginner mistakes and the whole ‘learning the ropes’ period that every new freelancer has to endure.

You might not think you’re qualified to do this but as I said earlier, if you’re making a living as a freelancer in your chosen field then you mist certainly ARE.

Why not profit from your experience and help others at the same time?

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