The Internet Marketing Roundabout

How long have you been riding then?



There are two ways I think you can hop off the IM roundabout. One is to make money. The other is to get extremely bitter and disillusioned, put the whole thing down as a scam and go do something else with your time.

I’m in the first category. With just a laptop and a few ideas I make a nice amount of money each year – certainly enough that I’ll never work for anyone else as long as I live. Some of it comes from selling ebooks in niche markets – sport, health, finance etc and some of it comes from showing other people who want to learn how to do the same, well….how to do it.

I’m a half decent writer, a slightly better copywriter but best of all I have some terrific marketing ideas. Put this lot together and it’s not too difficult to make money online. I’ve made tens of thousand of dollars from a $3 ebook that came with resell rights (Resell rights are nowhere near dead as you’ll find out if you keep reading this blog), and quite a bit selling a smallish ebook that told people about some free software and how to use it.

Someone said most people stop thinking for themselves the moment they’re born. I think the same is true of people the moment they enter Internet Marketing. You could argue that the tried and tested methods that everyone kneels to worship in IM are there because they’ve stood the test of time.

Well so have sexually transmitted diseases but all they’re good for is making your private parts swell up, scab over or drop off.

 SEO – Search engine optimisation is an example of a ‘tried and tested’ method that is next to useless. The effort needed to get SEO to work takes up wayyyy more of your resources than it’ll ever bring in.

I’ll just pause while the sheep baa a little….

I’ll prove this to you in this blog.

Viral marketing on the other hand, is the most effective method of getting the word around about a new product that you’ll ever come across. Get it right and you’ll be banking the cheques for the rest of you life.

This is something else I’ll prove to you.

 There’s more – a lot more, but if I write it all down now there’ll be a three month gap to my next post.

I’ll leave you with this. Some of you who’ve read this will already be getting a bit ‘miffed’ about my SEO comment, because it’s gently rocking the foundations of what you’ve been told (or sold) by experienced marketers. All I ask is this – this blog is free (same goes for my newsletter – sign up on the right) so what have you got to lose?

Treat yourself to a little pure thought. Ask yourself what YOU think for a change. Forget the forums, the arguments and the experts and think about listening to me, just for a while – some English guy you’ve never heard of but whose smallish list constantly outsells almost every marketer he’s ever JV’d with.

Oh yes – and I’ll prove that too.

I thought about being a little less abrasive in my writing because it could come across as a ‘selling technique’.

 It isn’t – it’s just that I’m very passionate about Internet Marketing

Hope you’ll stick with me

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