Get your blog indexed by Google within 3 hours?

That’s a tall order right?

I agree, but I think it’s do-able. I know it’s do-able within 24 hours because my business partner, Sara Brown got her blog indexed within that time

┬áIt’s all to do with altering the settings of your blog, but if I can do it, in under 10 minutes, I’m pretty sure most of you lot can too. Full instructions are available from this free tutorial

You’ll have to give me your name and email address to get it, but it’s worth it and you just might enjoy my newsletters too.

I’ve just changed the settings on this blog and UK time it’s 10.36am on Friday 2nd November.

Let’s see how long it takes for my blog to get Google-grabbed.

Spend weeks on complicated, expensive and boring SEO?

Don’t think so.

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One response to “Get your blog indexed by Google within 3 hours?

  1. TNT

    Very interesting article =)

    thx for sharing, will be useful to me, lolx.

    didnt know that even blog can be ‘tuned’ =P

    Computer TNT (Tips and Tricks)
    – The Technical Websites for the Not-So-Technical People!

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