Why your business is failing?

Not that I’m obsessed with being 40 of course – no mid life crisis here although I’m aware I mention my age a lot…..BUT….you’re a lot easier on yourself as you get older.

I always think there are a lot of people out there who are all too eager to give you a hard time so why do it to yourself too? I’m rather lenient with myself – more like a friendly, encouraging schoolteacher than a drill instructor. I sometimes buy myself beer too.

But it took me a while to work this out.

From birth we’re getting certain messages from all sorts of places, and by the Gods they don’t half stick with us through the rest of our lives. I once remember reading something by of all people Billy Connolly. He said that you don’t realise how much ‘baggage’ you carry round with you until someone lifts it off you.

I went for an Indian head massage a bit back. The clinic was on a busy road, and I’d parked my car just round the corner on a sidestreet – maybe 50 yards away.

After the massage I came out into the sunlight and the weirdest thing happened. I burst out laughing – SERIOUSLY cracked up, tears rolling down my face almost wetting myself hysteria. I could hardly get to my car and as luck would have it there was a huge line of cars all waiting for the lights to change, ALL staring at me. I must have looked insane.

When I finally got home I phoned the clinic and they told me it was a common response to massage, reflexology etc. Some people laugh, cry or file for divorce. It’s due to release of stress I’m told. It was a wonderful feeling.

This ‘baggage’ or whatever you want to call it can affect your online business too and I seriously believe it is why some creative, intelligent people fail online.

I get emails from people who want hand holding every step of the way and their most frequent question is ‘is this right?’ or they tell me they didn’t ever launch that website they were telling me about because they were scared of ‘getting it wrong’.

Let’s put this into perspective – if a bomb disposal expert ‘gets it wrong’ then he’s in deep poop. If you don’t quite get the font on your new website correct – you get a second chance.

I’m stopping this post here because I have a free report for you that explains it far better than I’m doing here. it’s interesting stuff – it could explain why you’ve never had quite the success online you think you deserve (and you DO deserve). It’s certainly worth a read anyway. http://www.laycockpublishinglimited.com/youtheguru

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2 responses to “Why your business is failing?

  1. Steve Carter

    Tony – I love your stlye of writing and your metaphors! Thanks for making me laugh on a cold Saturday morning.

    Oh and naked niches?? With a picture of scantily clad woman on the salesletter, hardly fair is it? I bought practically without looking at the salespage (apart from the picture again).

    Enjoy the rest of your day Tony.


  2. Tony Shepherd

    I think it’s you who should be writing this blog – good to see Internet Marketers with a sense of humour!

    Thanks for contributing Steve – it’s appreciated.


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