Complete and utter indulgence…..

You can skip this post if you want – it might bore the pants off you.

It’s 8.37am on a cold Yorkshire morning and I’m going to tell you about ‘a day in the life of an Internet Marketer’ – the glamour, the sex, the parties….

Actually there’s none of that but there ARE bird nuts and filling the dishwasher. This is a potted history because I’ve only been up an hour or so.

7am ish. Wake up to realise my son (9 months old) has slept through the night – a rare happening – rare enough for my wife to listen to the baby monitor and shhhhhh! me every time I breathe in. Rushes to his room to find him beaming happily at her. He just fancied a full night’s kip.

Daughter wakes next and we go downstairs for breakfast, passing my office where I longingly look at my laptops and PC’s brightly lit and buzzing and want to rush in and check the mornings email. Family must come first depsite the fact that THEY won’t have brought in a single sale as they sleep unlike faithful PC’s.

Coffee, waffles and toast later my daughter finds some peanuts we’ve bought for the birds to eat over winter. Depsite being half dressed and it being bloody cold in the garden we go out and put the bird buts on the table. They wait for us to get back inside and swoop.

As brekky continues I escape to my office and start my morning ritual. Plonking my coffe on the desk in a position that could wipe out all three computers with one spill I go to my email page.

I always make sales. Every day without doubt. This is the result of constantly putting up new websites, blogs and recently, lenses. Internet Marketing is all about numbers. The more sites you have out there selling things, the more money you’ll make. So my income comes from my niche websites, my IM-type websites, affiliate sales, royalties and books under license.

I have a target – an amount of money that I like to make in a day – it’s an off the top of my head target but I don’t really relax (if I’m being totally honest) until I’ve pulled that in. This morning I have – most mornings I do.

The ClickBank cheques arrived a few days ago so it’s nice to see the CB receipts starting to come in for the next cheques in 2 weeks time. I get CB cheques every 2 weeks.

In my inbox is a proposal for an ebook partnership. Some are great, some aren’t but this is an ebook I would buy myself. I’ve swapped emails with the author and now he’s sent me the actual book to read. A quick glance and it looks well written. This is a non-IM type book so will be marketed via a blog that I’ll put up today to get indexed ASAP and then it can be changed accordingly when the books ready for market.

A couple of emails from some IM mates – a bit of gossip (didn’t know HE was in trouble!) and some from the mailing lists I’m on providing great content, and some ‘buy me buy me buy me’ ones.

An email from my business partner telling me that a site I promised I’d finish for the end of the week isn’t finished, and another saying I’d had a product accepted for a big ‘giveaway’ type launch done by a well know IM’er. That should bring in a few subscribers to my newsletter.

My wife then walks in and instructs me to ‘shred something’ because she needs some packing for a parcel she’s sending out. She’s also planned a trip for us to buy an antique kitchen rack thing and a new desk for her workroom this afternoon.

Two emails I’m waiting for about meetings next week for new projects I’m involved with don’t arrive. I’ll wait until tomorrow. I write my ‘turd do’ list (dunno why I call it that) and think about a coffee refill. It’s 9am now and I’m wondering whether to actually post this on my blog or does it seem a bit anal?

I’m going to post it because it proves a point – and this is it. I’m 40 years old and I made more money this morning than some people do in a week. Just by waking up and checking my email. Obviously that’s not true – I had to set up an awful lot of websites and do a lot of work to get to this point, but Internet Marketing is LIKE THAT.

Prepare for capital letters – THE MORE WORK YOU DO, THE EASIER IT GETS. Because every new websites piles on top of the last one, and they all keep trickling money into your bank account. And you get to a ‘criticial mass’ stage where you don’t need to do much except take on the role of a gardener and tend to your money plants every once in a while to make sure they don’t die.

I’m not a guru – I dunno how you got to my blog but I bet a fair old percentage of you don’t have a bloody clue who I am. And that is COOL – I like it that way. Gurus work hard to preserve an image and maintain quality. I can sit down and watch the rugby instead.

Non-gurus is where it’s going guys. Quiet, background marketers like me, working in IM and niche marketing and earning a nice amount of money without being an IM rock star. My lifestyle is wonderful. I’ve now done my work for a while. I’m going to go back into the family room now and spend a bit of time with them.

It was a while ago now that I got my business to the point where I could work just a few hours a day and make over $10,000 a month easily. I knew I had to do it before my children were born because I wouldn’t want to work as much once they were here.

I started online with a single website – actually that’s a stupid thing to say because we all start with one – but you see what I mean. Build a website – promote it. Build another. Now build a blog. It’s not hard but it takes consistency. You have to do a bit on a regular basis.

Just got an email from my sis – she’s very successful in medecine. Earns well, lives well. And she drives 100 miles a day round trip and is at her desk from 6.30am until 6.30pm. Imagine what SHE could do in IM with that sort of commitment?

IM is easier than having a full time job…once you get to critical mass that is. 

Easy for me to say now.

But it wasn’t always….

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13 responses to “Complete and utter indulgence…..

  1. LPF

    Actually, that was very nice! Didn’t bore me at all.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Someone else living in gods own county – I always assumed you were from Lancashire due to your association with Sara Brown…

    Great post too

  3. Terri

    I wasn’t bored, either. I’d like to hear about what it was like when you started, how you started, etc. “But it wasn’t always….” what a great lead in to another story!

  4. Kim

    Super post

    Sounds idyllic

  5. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks guys for taking the time to comment – I appreciate it.

    Darren – Family all from Yorkshire, and best of all my son (at 9 months) is eligible to play cricket for Yorkshire!

    Terri, Kim – don’t encourage me – I’ll just post more 🙂

    LPF – You’re always welcome.

  6. Thanks Tony, great story that is not really the norm. We all hear about failure and we all hear about quick money. With kids in the house it is hard to keep any kind of concentration on work but you are really right that you have to just give it up until the little ones are asleep or occupied and you can give yourself that concentrated time to work.

    I was bad for trying to do it all at the same time but am a lot better now. Thanks for the re-inspiration

  7. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Bill, Good for you – took me quite a while to realise that myself

    Kim – Yes, chaotic, yelling, crying, playing, laughing, fighting to find time to work, and being around to watch them grow up.

    You’re right – it IS idyllic

  8. Thanks Tony,
    That was a brilliant post.
    Hugh Fraser

  9. Marc

    Hi Tony,

    One thing in your post that really struck me was the mention of Internet Marketing being all about numbers. Other than outsourcing (I don’t have the money yet) I’m very much interested in anything and everything that has to do with speed and efficiency. Whether it be time management or free/paid software tools, methodologies, systems, whatever it is I’d be really interested in learning about it. I’ve already spent way too much time passively learning things and for the past 2 months have been working very hard to ‘make things happen’.

    What I’ve found is that I’ve grossly underestimated how long it takes to get things done. I’d really appreciate anything you’d have to say about this topic.


  10. Hi Tony,

    Top post, I must say. And like everyone else, not bored at all. Even my pants stayed on!
    As for finding my way to your blog, it is guilt by association, through my being on Sara’s list. So I do have at least a bloody clue who you are, though we’ve never met.

    Your day sounds great, and I have a few like that, but not enough, since I must remain at my “dreaded” day job for now! But, my wife and I are plunging along, doing exactly what you mention you did. So it is refreshing to know that I don’t have to listen to all the other “guru” hype, and all I need do is focus and repeat my process.

    Now, I think it’s time for tea here, had my coffee earlier this morning.

    Paul Klein

  11. hello tony

    I am a newby in IM i have watched all the top marketers vids
    Iv learnt quite a lot..but im confused they all talk of a easy lifesyle

    But in truth is it so relaxed to earn your living this way
    I am a electrician 48 years old and fedup of it

    All the early starts to work and late finishes,
    I live in colne,lancashire

    Well somone’s got to live there ha ha

    I have bought quite a few products of yours and sara’s
    Over the years

    I like your stright forward way of talking if you know what i mean
    You call a spade a spade

    In your view what is the best way to start tony i have got 3 websites up and running but to be honest they havent made much in the way of income.

    best wishes alan

  12. Really enjoyed it Tony. With a 3 year old daughter and new baby on the way, I am scrambling to learn the IM world well enough to spend my awake time with my lovley wife and sweet little ones.

    Your blog gives me hope.

    Talk to you soon

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