Rebrandable Master Resell Rights – Limited

I’ve just released ‘Become A Squidoo Guru In 24 Hours’

It’s 80+  pages long, comes with fully rebrandable master resell rights, sales page and graphics. It’s a great tutorial – you can be building profit pulling squidoo lenses in 24 hours – so can your list or your subscribers.

My rebrandable master resell rights packages are usuallu only offered to my newsletter subscribers, but as an experiment – (I’m testing!) – I’m opening it for a limited time to readers of my blog.

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2 responses to “Rebrandable Master Resell Rights – Limited

  1. I think it was Mark Joyner, in his Confidential Internet Manuscript, who started the whole Tuesday thing. Like all these proclamations, it may well have been the case for him, but that didn’t imply that it would automatically be the case for everyone else.

    However, this being the Internet where everyone wants to be told what to think and not to have to bother to test for themselves, it quickly became a ‘fact’.

    In my case, publishing a newsletter first daily and then three times a week, I can say that Tuesdays have never been particularly special. In fact, other than the public holiday effect that you’ve noticed, and weekends, no day stands out for me.

    It is the same as the ‘truth’ that you need seven communications to make a sale. That one was started by Ted Nicholas who himself admits that he was talking about physical mail order and not the Internet – and made it up anyway!


  2. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks for the info Martin, as always experience is the best way to make decisions and you’ve certainly enough of that.

    (Not that I’m calling you old of course!)

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about your Ted Nicholas comment, where he admits to ‘making it up’ yet so many people base their business decisions around it. No – I’m definitely going to laugh.

    Dare I suggest it’s the same for the pricing myth? Where everyone seems to price their products with numbers ending in ‘7’ ?

    I do it myself because I’m too superstitous not to.

    Or…. it just might be that people are SO used to seeing product prices ending in ‘7’ that they don’t really take much notice, and as we all know the fewer interruptions in the sales process, the more likely the sale.

    Thanks again for your comment Martin – it takes a lot to get me thinking on a Sunday morning but something is stirring..

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