How to outsmart a guru….

A quick hello to my US readers – thanks for not telling me it was Thanksgiving. I spent a whole day going through my website stats trying to find the reason no one was coming to my sites or buying anything. I now know you were celebrating instead. 

The very best of belated good wishes from the UK for your Thanksgiving holiday 🙂 

If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for any length of time you’ll be pretty familiar with the concept of the ‘tuesday launch’. Some expert somewhere who tests much more than me decided that Tuesday is the optimum day for launching a new product.

Incredibly – in my village that’s the day the shops shut for half a day so everyone is home at their computers! Now THAT’S extensive testing – this expert mush have checked loads of factors to make sure the most people possible were not doing anything else on Tuesday except waiting for a new product launch. No wonder they’re called experts.

However a couple of months ago I sent out two promo mailings, about 3 weeks apart – one on a tuesday (as recommended by Internet Marketing geniuses (genii?), and one on a Sunday evening (UK time).

 You know what I’m going to say don’t you?

The Sunday evening one outsold the tuesday one by about 3:1

Now the products were different I admit but I have an idea how much I’ll usually sell from a mailing and let me tell you I’ll be sticking to Sunday evening mailings.

 On tuesday afternoons my inbox goes a little crazy as all manner of weird and wonderful offers plop into it, and I often wonder why the experts stick with tuesdays because obviously as more and more people do the same thing on the same day the competition goes up.

So I think I’ve found the answer.

A Christmas Day launch!

I reckon that no other Internet Marketers will be launching a new product on that day so I’ll have the whole Internet to myself.  I’m not sure what I’ll be offering yet but I expect to wake up a millionaire the day after!

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2 responses to “How to outsmart a guru….

  1. Darryl Witton

    Tony, Happy Thanksgiving! He He I gave thanks for you and Sara. I’ve spent the most money this year on your’s and her stuff. Why? Simple, clear, understandable and doable for the the most part and the price is right. The big thing is the info is valuable.
    I just finished the Squidoo guru book. Excellent! Thanks for producing it! It will help immensely in conjunction with the WordPress Guru published this year. I look for success with this good information.
    Looking forward to Christmas. I will probably buy myself a present. Make it good and send it on any damn time you please. I ignore Tuesdays by the way. :o))
    Your loyal customer Darryl

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Darryl – for your kind words and taking time to post.

    As for Christmas – I must admit I love the holiday too. My kids aren’t quite at the age where I can buy them presents that I want but in a few years time there’ll be gadgets and gizmos galore.

    In the meantime I’ll have to settle for a 20 year old single malt.

    Oh well 🙂

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