Want to make money? Give things away for free!

I’ve never understood why most Internet Marketers are so mean when it comes to giving things away!

And if they do find it in their black, shriveled little hearts (sorry – not had my coffee yet) to actually give something away to their list or their subscribers it’s usually a manky little report that’s stuffed full of links.

Strangely enough – if you want to make money the opposite works. Provide something that is excellent value – worth at least a genuine $17 – and give it to them for free. Sure put maybe a single link back to your blog or newsletter page but don’t stuff it full of annoying URL’s that distract from the content.

And of course make sure that the content iself is valuable. Let’s not take the p*ss here – people know when they’ve been offered something of poor value that’s been knocked together by some lazy marketer who then expects his subscribers to circulate it all over the net just so he can grab the traffic. People are not stupid –  Marketers are (me included)

 If you provide quality freebies people realise that the your paid work will be of a high quality. I regularly offer top rate freebies to my subscribers with no catches (sign up for my newsletter on the right if you’re interested) or strings attached.

Sure I might include an upsell in the deal, but the link for the freebie is always obvious and obtainable without hassle. in the example I’m about to give you, the free link is at the bottom of the second page.

Check out the following free report – http://www.streamingaudio4free.com

See if you like the model – the idea – the marketing strategy, and if you do – use it with your own people – everyone will be much better off if we treat each other with respect and realise that there is intelligent life out there. Be nice!

Now sod off I need my coffee.

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