New Book and a gentle, floppy Sunday launch….

I’ve co-written a book with Sara Brown, and it’s going to be launched – very softly, without bells and whistles – initially to subscribers only, on Sunday 9th December at 6pm UK time, 1pm EST in the states.

It’s about a system we’ve been working on for the past couple of months that can be applied to any product, and is bringing us a conversion rate for the system of 5% consistently, regardless of what we’re selling. Just goes to show what a couple of simple sites with small ‘twist’ can do.

Each small launch takes a couple of days to put together, although to be honest once we’d done a few we were easily building them in an afternoon. Each one brought in just over $1,000, but even better was the viral traffic it pushed to our other sites and the number of opt-in’s we scored from it.

I’d have been happy just to build the sites for the opt-in’s and the traffic alone, but who can argue with $1,000 in your Paypal account every time, for a couple of days work?

 Our hope is that it might provide a ‘bread and butter’ income for our subscribers while they build their online businesses and maybe even go full time. There’s no chance of saturation because of how the system works and we’ll prove that because it’s going to be part of our online arsenal for as long as we remain on the net!

We’ve included screenshots, details of how we obtain our products, a full run down of the website system etc. – we’ve left nothing out.

 It’s going out initially to subscribers only, at a special nominal price that is only there to make us a small profit and ensure that people who buy it put a value on the package and do something with it.

You’ll only be notified about this on Sunday if you’re a subscriber. When it goes live on Clickbank in a week or two, the price will almost double. If you want to get in on the subscriber deal sign up for my newsletter on the right =====>> (at the top of the page)

or Sara’s at

Hope you sign up!

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17 responses to “New Book and a gentle, floppy Sunday launch….

  1. Mark Dickenson

    Wow..that sounds great…even half that amt per launch is great. I look forward to it


  2. Tony Shepherd

    It surprised us too – the money was actually not the result we were going for – it was the viral marketing aspect. We just ‘monetized’ it to see what would happen!

  3. Made me curious …

    Something else:
    Why don’t you cloak your email address?
    just looks awful, igittigit.
    There’s a free software called “Web-Email-Cloaker” at

    And BTW, search engines don’t know what to do with
    should better be
    there’s a wp pluging permalink feature for changing that …

  4. Tessa

    Excellent! I can’t wait to see it. I’ve read all your books (and Sara’s) so I know it will be the business!


  5. Hi Tony / Sarah
    Look forward to your launch

    You guys have always given great advice –
    Keep up the great work.
    Will def look forward to reading about it.


  6. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Tessa & Hamant,

    Looking forward to your feedback after Sunday. Thanks for posting and thanks for reading my blog.

    Looking forward to a very profitable 2008 for our subscribers.

  7. This sounds great Tony, I always look forward to launches by you and Sara but this one sounds really intriguing. I’ll be watching out for your email on Sunday.

  8. I too have never failed to read Tony and Sara’s emails and newsletters because they provide down to earth information from a realworld perspective.
    Looking forward to seeing your new venture!

  9. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Colleen,

    Thanks Colleen – it doesn’t get any more ‘real world’ than this – took us by surprise!

    Thanks for posting

  10. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks, and thanks for posting.

  11. I’m new to TOny and Sara but this sounds like an exciting launch and I look forward to it. I have been flundering around the net for a while and I think I am ready to sit down and make a go of this monster called “marketing”

    Best of luck on the launch Tony.


  12. Anne

    Hi Tony and Sara,

    I just caught up with you guys at the end of November, and am I glad I did! Your approach is very open, clear and honest, (and you inject humour into this area!) You are also very supportive of the idea of people starting small.

    I am very much looking forward to opening that e-mail on Sunday!

    Kind Regards,


  13. An

    I am sure this will be as good as everyone says, I am a newbie, and just trying to get my head around things at the moment, but I will be trying this (if I can make sense of it and hopfully find a product).

    PS. I like what I have read about the two of you, everything is posotive, there has not been one negative response.


  14. Got the book and have already read it. It is written clear and concise and doesn’t use alot of unnecessary words.

    Great product Tony and Sara

    Jim Miller

  15. Wow, am I mad at you two Sara and Tony!!

    Just as I promised my wife my credit card was locked safely in my wallet until after Christmas you go and do it again: -Produce another of your gem products.

    Simple clear concise. A paint by numbers system which does exactly as you said it would which anybody could use.

    I hate you two. Please don’t tell anybody else about it. It is too good for general release.

    You put the so called gurus to shame.

    Please promise you won’t produce any other products until I have got this one set up?

  16. The Rich Peasant

    The Double Genius strikes again!

    *True liberation isn’t just time off. It’s forever breaking the bonds that confine you to a single location – T. Ferriss

  17. David

    Tony! I am looking forward to your plans (with Sara Brown) for supporting those of us who purchased your EXCELLENT Licensed to Quit… your Job ebook. It really opened my eyes and I have reread it now several times absorbing the details in it that are critical to making the plan work – you really created a total package for us!

    I am very excited about the information you provided. It is UNLIKE anything I have ever read and I have read a lot of other ideas and plans that usually leave out something critical to the plan’s success but Licensed to Quit… your Job leaves NOTHING out and I am fascinated by the possibilities of putting the plan into practice, again and again and again!


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