Free Resources on the way.

Thanks to all of you who grabbed yourself a copy of the ‘system’. I’m not mentioning the title yet because it hasn’t gone officially live – just to subscribers and a few invited VIP’s! It’s not a secret I just don’t want this thread being picked up on Google.

If you’ve got a copy, keep an eye on your inbox over the next couple of weeks because we’ve got some free resources and some severely effective help coming your way to kick start your new business into 2008.

In fact if we manage to pull off what we’re hoping to, you won’t have to do much traffic driving or marketing because we’ll sell your products for you – and you’ll keep 100% of the profits. No promises of course – this is all in the planning stage, but we’re quietly confident. In case you’re wondering – it’ll won’t cost you a penny – Sara and I are the freebie kings remember.

More soon.

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2 responses to “Free Resources on the way.

  1. Tony, having got the ‘system’ through one of your VIP partners and devoured it this a.m., I’ve drafted out a COMPLETE business plan to go into effect first week of January – and test run for 3 months, before I decide whether or not to keep it going. I have very little doubt it WILL indeed go on, because the ‘system’ you teach is so very sound, basic and logical, anyone can use it.

    Thanks to you and Sara for putting this one together.

    All success

  2. Tony, I got the ‘system”. Ever since you started using it, I’ve looked forward to your e-mails because I like to pick up the kinds of products you create using it (I’m trying not to reveal it here so people who buy can find out for themselves). Thank you so much for revealing your secrets.

    Rodney Daut

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