Get Virally Sneaky!

I’ve been called an expert on Viral Marketing.

The reason for this is that I don’t like emailing people asking for JV’s or checking out products that other people ask me to push to my list for them. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve regularly undertake JV’s and they always – always – bring in a big cash boost, so I’m not complaining (much).

¬†What I’m saying is that I want my business to be completely self-sufficient so that I never need to do another JV as long as I live if I don’t want to and still remain extremely comfortable as a full-time marketer.


Not with viral marketing. It’s the best kept secret in Internet Marketing – because when you think of viral marketing you think of submitting articles, rebranding e-reports and the like. Some of viral marketing IS about that but not the way WE do it.

If you could throw together in a couple of days a viral product that would then roam the internet for as long as you wish throwing money back into your bank account as it went, wouldn’t you have a go?

Don’t take my word for it – Google ‘viral sneakiness’ and read the reviews from the people who use the system themselves.


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