Learning to break the rules…………..

I think it was GB Shaw who said ‘Youth is wasted upon the young’

Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but here’s a Tony Shepherd quote that I’m pretty sure is true:

‘It takes a long time to learn to break the rules, but it’s the best lesson you’ll ever take’

When you’re a child you learn pretty fast that the best way to survive – in life – in school – is to blend in. So you colour inside the lines, don’t ask too many questions in class and make sure your homework is in on time.

As you get older (about 40 I reckon – ahem!) you start to seriously enjoy breaking the rules. Getting your nipples pierced, not washing your car ever, and wearing top hats.

When my wife was teaching she brought home a ‘stranger danger’ book that she’d been showing to her class, warning them not to trust people – especially men  – they didn’t know.

Through hysterical giggles she opened the book to show me the ‘stranger danger’ man who had unkempt hair, a beard and torn jeans. He looked exactly like me.

Most perverts I’ve seen on TV look like lawyers (maybe they are) but we musn’t break the rules by telling kids this.

Actually the media goes on all the time about how dangerous terrorists are, and muggers and identity theives and the like but I thought about this. Who has relieved me of most of my money in my adult life?

It wasn’t some bloke in a hooded top with a knife requesting my wallet or someone who pretended to be me and bought a porsche on Ebay – No – it was some bloke in a suit called ‘the tax man’ or in a bank or a lawyers office! Yet we’re taught to be wary of people in scruffy shoes.

Armani suits and silk ties more like.

 I digress…..

Yet again we can relate this to internet marketing. Most successful internet marketers didn’t become that way until they learned to break the rules. We’re told to submit articles, construct sales pages in a certain way, bang away at your list with an autoresponder and never, ever offer too many freebies to your list or that’s all they’ll want.

Why the hell do top marketers tell people this WHEN THEY DON’T DO IT THEMSELVES?

Look Mr Guru – if you explain the truth to me slowly with pictures and pretty diagrams I’ll understand it.

I might not be a neuro surgeon but I can tie my own shoes. Don’t insult my intelligence by telling me to follow the rules when you know damn well that the fastest way to get rich in IM is to break them!

 So I broke the rules and now earn 6 figures. That’s it.

Here’s the plug. I wrote down one of the methods I used to do it. The experts tell you not to do it this way but they’re wrong. It worked. I tried giving stuff away and earned eight thousand dollars in a number of weeks. That was just ‘trying it’. Now I’m serious about it and guess what? The money is increasing.

I don’t put my picture in it though – I don’t want to scare you!

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