None of us are getting out alive!

I went to the Doctor’s for an all round check up the other day.

I got so engrossed in reading a book I’d taken with me that I didn’t hear my name called and looked up just in time to see some smug woman walking into the doctor’s office and therefore stealing – yes STEALING – my turn.

I considered hammering on the Doctor’s door demanding my rightful place but I didn’t. I sat there for 15 minutes absolutely SEETHING with anger. When I eventually got in to see the Doctor, I’d wound myself up into such a state my blood pressure was 190/130 and they had to put electrodes on my chest to monitor my condition.

I clamed down when a nurse rubbed my shoulders for a bit (you really must go private if you’re reading this in the UK) and I managed to convince them that bright red with steam coming out of my ears wasn’t my natural state.

But the fact remained that I needed the check up.  I’m not exactly at death’s door (touch wood) at 41 but I sometimes make a groaning noise when I stand up and the amount of beer I used to drink as I was getting ready to go out now puts me on my back for three days.

The harsh fact of life is that none of us are getting out alive.

Whcih is why you need to start making your Internet Marketing COUNT. Not your relationship with your family, God or the Swedish twins you’ve got pencilled in for next Saturday night – that can come later – but your INTERNET MARKETING. Because that’s what’s going to give you the time and quality of life that makes it worth living rather than stumbling through coughing, spluttering and wondering where your 30’s went.

Internet Marketing is much like life – the only way to really make a success of it is to play it on your own terms. If you do it to please someone else you’re not going to enjoy it much. And let’s face it, if something isn’t enjoyable why the bloody hell should you do it (unless it’s charitable or will stop something swelling up or dropping off).

Sara Brown wrote a great post on how she personally found a way to break into IM – a way that worked for her. Have a read and hopefully realise that life, and IM need personalising or they won’t work.

Here’s the post

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