www.laycockpublishing.com blog is LIVE

….and it possibly wasn’t a good idea for me to tell a (slightly) dirty joke in my first post. But red wine and Sunday evening boredom is a heady mix so we’re going to leave it on.

 www.laycockpublishing.com – our new blog is now live on the net.

Da da daaaaaaah! As my 3 year old daughter says when she’s produced an especially good poop.

Sara B, my partner in Laycock Publishing wasn’t best pleased but that’s women for you. I’m sure she’ll see the funny side when you lot rush to the site to read the joke (pleeeeeease!)

In terms of business, blogging is a very serious matter, even when it’s fun. I think that blogs are going to be THE method of selling over the next decade.

Email marketing is looking decidedly shaky with everyone and his dog doing what they can to make sure not a single spam email plops into their inbox, so that pretty soon even the best marketers just won’t be able to get through to their lists.

So the lists will have to come to the marketers.

And how will that happen?  – well Mr Guru Marketer will have to write a very witty, entertaining, content filled blog (much like my own 🙂 ) if he wants anyone to buy from him at all.

It’s a good thing in my opinion – top marketers will SERIOUSLY have to provide content, entertainment and VALUE in their blogs or nobody will visit them. I welcome the change.

The more dirty jokes the better.

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One response to “www.laycockpublishing.com blog is LIVE

  1. I agree, I’m partial to the odd dirty joke or two, never did anyone any harm 😉

    BTW, they don’t grow out of it for ages — my 5-year-old is still always very chuffed with himself when he produces a poop!! We’re always cheering in our house!!

    Keep the jokes coming

    Best wishes

    Paula Brett

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