Laycock Publishing – The Early Years

Want to know what a $40,000 profit over one weekend, two huge ancient printers and not listening to idiots in forums have in common?

 You should. And it’s FREE.

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4 responses to “Laycock Publishing – The Early Years

  1. Phil (definitively ursine)

    pout? ’nuff said

  2. Tony Shepherd

    I am typo man and my little boy will be ‘son of typo man’

    But you can see why the spellchecker didn’t pick it up AND I’m not sure if that part of the report was mine anyway although I was on editing duty.

    Cheers Phil 🙂


  3. Hi Tony,
    I like to read other people’s stories too. Thanks for showing how it was “way back when.”


  4. Hi Tony

    We all have our own stories that we laugh about now and often cant believe how long ago it has been. I remember when i first started out in Marketing and how much effort i put in compared to having the internet now.

    God i wish the internet had been invented earlier!


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