Licensed To Quit…..Your Job

Over the years hundreds – REALLY HUNDREDS – of people have asked us how to make money online. There are of course a shedload of answers because there are different methods ranging from genius to near insanity. Contrary to what many people believe, most of them work too. At least for some people.

There’s an easy and cheap way to make money online. It’s how I started and I still do it today……ready for this? (drum roll please) …..

Find someone you’re pretty sure is making money and watch what they do.

With the exception of competitive niche marketing, most  IMers don’t bother to hide what they’re doing., so it’s easy to watch them.

But there’s a problem with this.

We were testing a system recently, which worked beyond our wildest dreams. We obviously had to test it in the marketplace because there’s really only one way to know if it works, and that was to make sales – which we did – a lot of.

We also wanted to record the process, screenshot the earnings and provide absolute proof that out system did the business. Not only that, but the system was so easy, cost effective and open to everyone to replicate that unless we ‘d provided you with 100% proof you simply wouldn’t have believed us.

And as I say the testing was out in the open for all to see.

I don’t think a single person noticed and replicated the system.

Which is why we put it into a book – Licensed To Quit Your Job. Because people take notice of paid products.

We’re inviting you to grab LTQ because it’s a system that is not only accessible to pretty much all newcomer marketers, but is one that you will read and think ‘Oh my God – I can SEE that they use it in their business’ and that might just be the connection you need to get really moving online.

I hope so.

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2 responses to “Licensed To Quit…..Your Job

  1. Hi

    Sorry I disagree. It is fine to tell people to watch what someone else does, and then copy it, but we only see the end result of a lot of the work involved. There are plenty of things we do not get to see which make a big difference, so again this is a case of half a story.

    Everyone promises the sun, stars and moon, but always leave out the sky that holds all that together.


  2. Hi Tony,
    I agree with Rita and there is one other thing, how do you what the other person is doing is profitable? In the long run, there are people doing a circle jerk following each other but none of them are making any money.

    How can you tell they’re making money, it definitely isn’t by watching the one thing they allow you to see them doing….what about the ‘oops, that didn’t work’ but the so called qurus pass off as the next big thing?

    A little clarity would help.

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