4.50am on a Sunday morning….

…and I’m editing a book.

When I was a teenager I could sleep 20 hours a day and still look forward to getting back into bed after a night partying and carousing.

I might still be that way but having small children means I don’t have the chance to find out any more. I was awoken at about 3.50am this morning by my son, who’s not the world’s greatest sleeper, although to be fair he’s still not 2 yet, so I crept out of bed, gathered him up and put him in my place next to his mum in our nice warm bed and padded down to my office to sleep in there. Our house is like musical beds sometimes and not in the way it used to be when I was a teenager!

After about 15 minutes of staring at the ceiling it became pretty clear that sleep wasn’t on the agenda so I fired up the laptops and decided to do some work.

On my desk are two laptops – one running Vista and an older one that runs XP with a slightly dodgy keyboard. I work mostly on the Vista maching but have to swap over when it comes to things like converting a Word doc (although I use Open Office more and more these days) because my version of Adobe Acrobat used for converting Word files to PDF doesn’t run for some reason in Vista.

I don’t have any fancy network between the two, I just email any files to my other laptop as an attachment, do the work I need to do then emai them back.

I use Googlemail to bring all my email addresses together and have more than one Googlemail account for various businesses so partners can log into the email accounts too.

So it’s past 5am now – heading for 6am actually on a Sunday morning and I’m editing a book for http://www.monthlyplr.com It’s not due out until the start of November but I like to be ahead in case anything unforseen crops up. The last http://www.monthlyplrniche.com package was delayed by a day because of technical problems and it bugged the arse off me – I hate not delivering when I say I will. All back to normal now though, and it’s a great package.

A quick check of my emails and I find the usual messages. Weekends are a little quieter in terms of sales but the usual Clickbank and Paypal notifications are there, including an obvious increase in sales from a new upsell I’ve been trying out.

This sells through e-junkie and their stats are a delight to use so I check my weekly income from this one product against the last few weeks and sure enough there’s been a 50% increase. This simply came from changing the look of an upsell page – an one time offer people see when they buy a certain product from me.

So for example they buy product ‘A’ then they when they land on the download page they get the chance to buy product ‘B’ – the upsell – at a reduced price. I’m still tracking the stats (don’t mind testing when it’s with real money) but it looks like around 1 in 10 are buying the upsell. 

The change that I made to this page was simply to remove all graphics from the page. Strange.

6am now. Time for coffee soon. I’ll be working today while the rest of the brood go grocery shopping. We got back from the forest last night and the cupboards are bare.

So internet marketing eh?

Up before 4am on a Sunday morning, planning to work all day sunday and no food in the cupboards. Great stuff!

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One response to “4.50am on a Sunday morning….

  1. From your latest picture it looks like you can not afford a haircut and a shave either. IM getting you down?

    I used to have a problem sleeping and felt it was a curse. A good friend of mine explained to me that he viewed his insomnia as a great blessing because he got so much quiet time in his study to read and educate himself. I guess you could call it the cursed blessing.


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