In the deep, dark woods…

I’m writing this from a log cabin in Sherwood Forest.

I’m here with my family for a short break – lots of walking, some trekking then more walking. October is a good time to blow the cobwebs away.

I’ve just come back from sailing in Scotland (you can see the pics below this post somewhere)so found myself sitting in the woods before I’d had time to even lose my sea legs. Which is the whole point of me being an internet marketer.

My business is completely portable. The old laptop on the beach hype is actually true – I could work from anywhere in the world (and frequently do) but hadn’t thought of going into detail about it on my blog until my missus mentioned it would be a great way to show anyone who’s interested how an internet marketing lifestyle (and there are many – but this is the one for me) works.

I thought it might be of value to you if you’re thinking about going full-time as an internet marketer, even if you’re at the early stages (and we have something out soon that couldย help you go from early stages to ..well wherever you want to go), to see how ย I do things and how it fits in with family, kids, day to day life etc.

Many marketers would have you beleve it’s a huge leap from nine to five to five figures a month but it’s not. Not a lot of good me saying that without offering proof which is where I’m trying to go with my blog.

Back to the forest..

To be honest it’s a bit of a working holiday tooย – my wife has her own business, and has brought some with herย and I have my wireless broadband modem with me which will pick up a signal in the weirdest of places and the forest is one of those.

It’s a slow connection here – worse than dial up but for checking emails and posting to a blog it’s not too bad – especially when accompanied by a glass of the red stuff and some good grub. That said I couldn’t pick up a signal in Scotland at all.

So we arrived here on Monday evening. On Tuesday evening I checked my email and found enough Paypal receipts to pay for our holiday. Twice over. So now I’m feeling smug because I’m on holiday for free. I’m only counting Paypal receipts because they’re insant. Clickbank payments take time to arrive although since they changed their payment system I’m about to get paid weekly from Clickbank which is good. Other affiliate payments arrive as and when their owners agree to pay me – usually monthly although weekly isn’t unheard of.

So the reason I can decide to leave it all behind and go live in Robin Hood style is that my income comes from lots of different places. I’ve mentioned before that I have internet marketing income streams outside Laycock Publishing, and it’s these combined with the Laycock business that means I receive money each and every day.

Anyway the point of this series of blogs is to get ‘up close and personal’ with you lot and to try to show you how my life, business and income work. …or don’t work ๐Ÿ™‚

The pic above by the way is just before I actually started work.

I’d not yet plugged in the laptop, and my modem was still in it’s box but I had managed to open a bottle of wine and persuade my wife to take a snap of me to use on the blog.

Marketing is all about priorities…

More soon..


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34 responses to “In the deep, dark woods…

  1. Wow, at last we get to see what the mysterious Tony Shepherd looks like, lol! I can now remove the silhouette pic from the piece you did for my Operation Ebook ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Glad you’re having a great time, AND earning some money whilst you’re doing it. Are you at Centre Parcs?

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Paula – thanks for posting.

    No not at Centre Parcs, wanted something a bit more isolated (although watching ‘Dog Soldiers’ the first night there probably wasn’t a bright idea)

    I’ve ‘opened up’ a bit because of the BIG number of people who ask questions about my blog posts and especially from the number of people who are into lifestyle rather than money.

    Was quite good fun to do as well!


  3. Hi Tony,

    One of my best friends in Internet Marketing looks like a yeti. I feel so honoured that you come out of your cave just to chat.

    In all honesty its good to put a face to the words, hoping we can meet up soon and enjoy a pint or two

    Hope you had a great time

  4. Tony Shepherd

    For those of you who don’t know, Darren Kaye provides top quality web graphics. Insults are included in the price.

    Thanks for posting mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Tony

    It’s good to put a face to the name. I always had you marked down as a slick besuited type – glad to see that you’re not!

    Always enjoy your, and Sara’s, posts and emails.

    By the way have you seen the film “Deliverance” recently?


    John B

  6. Tony Shepherd

    Squeal piggy squeal!

    Thanks for posting John.

    I’d be booted and suited if that was what my thing but I seem to spend more time on moors and in the great outdoors when I’m not at my laptop.

  7. Hello Tony thought Dave Lee Travis ( The Hairy Monster) had come out of retirement, bought quite a few products from Sarah and yourself so really looking forward to whatever you have lined up for the future.



  8. Thanks for this blog and the picture is great too. I love meeting those I admire up close and personal.

    While I still consider myself a newbie, I am making progress thanks to people like you and Sara. Besides being on my top 10 list (I did not say gurus since it is getting to be almost an insult), you and Sara were the first IMers to offer me a kind word outside of my first forum.

    I faithfully read everything you both write. Although I don’t aspire to spend my senior years in the woods, your attitude speaks to my heart.

    Carol Smith

  9. You look like you’re having fun! Hey, and you’re a decent writer too!

    I really like to support folks who are trying to help people new to internet marketing actually make it. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got coming out.

    Fits with my Family Mission as well, which you can see described at bit at Rich Schefren’s contest to win his latest big prize:

    Blessings ~


  10. Eric Niergarth

    Tony ,thanks for the down to earth attitude. I’m struggling to get some momentum (absolute beginner) and also work at a JOB for someone else (not bad people) and spend time with my family .The newest addition, Luke age 10 months. He kinda puts it all in perspective.The missus isn’t crazy about the time I spend at the PC but I’ll show her it was all worth it ,soon
    Happy Marketing, Eric

  11. Hey Tony,

    I guess I’m finally going to have to start coming to terms with the fact that you are not a pen name/figment of Sara’s imagination ;o)

    Good to finally be able to put a face to the name.

    I’m happy to say that you guys continue to be a source of no nonsense inspiration to me and quite clearly many others.

    Keep up the great work.



  12. Linda Louis-VanReed


    Thank you for including a picture! You know what? You look very near how I pictured you. The moment I saw it, I laughed with delight that my image of you was so close to true. Glad to see you, “Outdoors” Guy…and more glad still that you are going to share your world with us. Can hardly wait.

    Best to you for a lovely vacation!

    Louie VanReed
    (“Outdoors” Woman in Missouri)

  13. Pat Graham

    Wow! The mystery man is uncovered. I am surprised, but happy to finally see you. Now I know who writes the ebooks I have on my hard drive. You look very comfortable in the woods…like you belong there.

    Pat Graham

  14. susan

    Hello Tony,

    You certainly look relaxed! And enjoying your vacation in the
    Sherwood Forest…. When you deal with people over the internet,
    your imagination tends to run wild what the person you are communicating with looks like – the beard on you is new – that
    was not part of my impression – but it ‘fits’ on you perfectly!
    Have a great vacation with your family – you’ll have many fond
    memories in the years to come…


  15. Hey Tony

    I’ve been “with you” since 2006 (I think) when I first bought “The One Month Magnate” which somehow led me down the path to following Sara Brown’s exploits as well. Funny … I always imagined you two were romantic partners, but now I see you have your own wife ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just goes to show how a blog can clear (clean?) things up!

    Enjoy your holiday … but remember, in Sherwood Forest, they take from the rich and give to the poor ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Ken

    Wow, it’s not everyday that one gets a message from one of his heros in Sherwood Forest of all places. Sounds pretty exotic sitting here in the USA. I love the beard too! Mine’s just a different color – grey. Hows’ that? I just spelled gray the Queen’s english way…just for you.

    Your emails are ones that I never delete without reading and I’ve purchased a few things along the way. But still trying to find the time to implement some of your tips and strategies. Enjoy the forest.

    Ken Eicher
    New Jersey, USA

  17. Hi Tony,

    You are looking great in the pic!. Good to know that you are a successful Internet Marketer.

    I look forward to knowing your Internet marketing success secrets.

    Enjoy the vacation and please show some pics of greenery, forest and the dark woods, I love them. I am sure that you will post them later when you have a faster Internet connection.

  18. I am fascinated by your life and your opinions. I have chosen you and Sara has my mentors, I love your ideas, your honesty, and your help. Now I can put a face to your name,
    Thanks for everything Tony.

  19. I can’t believe the pic Tony, I thought I knew what you looked like from your emails, but I had it all wrong. It really is nice to know what you really look like after all these years.


  20. Great to put a face to the name. Long time subscriber of yours and Sara’s newsletters, I’ve always wondered what you really look like. Enjoy your holiday and would love to see more piccies ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Tony Shepherd

    Frank, Carol, Sarah thannks for posting.

    It’s really nice to get that sort of feedback – and very verty appreciated.


  22. Tony Shepherd

    Eric – congratulations on your new arrival – I know what it’s like trying to get to the computer with a newcomer to the family.

    It’s a bit odd for other family members too when they’re maybe not 100% sure what internet marketing is – it can look a bit like ‘mucking about on the computer’

    Get your wife involved would be my advice. She’ll be your most ardent supporter and most fierce critic but you get her on your side and you’ll conquer the world mate.

    Good luck


  23. Tony Shepherd

    Gary, Linda, Susan, Peter

    Thanks for posting too –

    Looks like my appearance surprised a few people. I do sometimes have haircuts and shaves you know but it’s nice to know I don’t come across as the usual ‘slick’ marketer.


  24. Tony Shepherd

    HI Ken

    Thanks for posting.

    I suspect Sherwood forest would be more of a wood to you lot over the water though!


  25. Tony Shepherd

    Rajesh, Susan & Clint

    Same goes for you lot too – thanks very much for taking the time to post.



  26. I don’t understand. No, really, I don’t understand. I tell lots of people to buy your products – and some do. I know that other people buy your products. So, as we all know – you are making plenty of money.

    And then – there’s the cost of running your business, the taxman to pay, money for your lady wife, the cost of children, your mortgage, food, fuel, etc….

    But you still can’t afford razor blades????

    Perhaps I need to sell you some of my ebooks ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Phil

    I was wondering how long it would be before you crept in to have a go at me.

    I keep telling you it’s COLD in Yorkshire. I need insulation!

    You cheeky git!


    PS Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Nikki Cooper

    Hello Tony

    Greetings from Sydney Australia. I love reading your stuff and Sara too.
    You guys are really an inspiration. Tough job but somebody has to do it…

    Enjoy your forest ramblings and looking forward to your next product.

    Best Regards

    Nikki Cooper

  29. Great Pics Tony,

    And thanks again for checking out my blog that time I asked you to,one thing I really love about you guys Tony and Sara, you do as you say you will do. Honesty great to see in on line marketing, thats why I buy from you and if some thing I can’t work out you are most times only an Email away.

    Thanks again Tony and Sara.

  30. Well Hidee Ho!

    What a great surprise to find out what you look like. Nice to finally see you. FYI, it’s in the 70’s here in the state of Arkansas in the U.S. Been a super day here! I will refrain from making any cute remarks concerning Sherwood Forest but I do love the idea. I haven’t been into marketing too awfully long but I am making progress. Looking forward to a relaxing retirement sometimes AFTER I write the great American novel! lol

    Keep on Keepin’ On!

    aka. Joyce Sanders

  31. Yeah, well, a beard automatically gives you a head start in the intelligence stakes.

    A full head of hair? Nah. (Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street, as they say.)

    You could be easily mistaken for Peter Jackson (director of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “King Kong”) if you had a New Ziland accent.

    Staying where it’s so @#$%^& cooooold by choice?



  32. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Nikki

    Thanks for posting – you’re more than welcome any time

  33. Tony Shepherd

    Hi John

    I take it from your comments that you have a beard but you’re bald as a coot then my friend?

    Jealousy is a terrible thing.

    And as for staying where it’s cold – makes the hair grow ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Are you and Sara Brown married?

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